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  • dorianpc@ymail.com dorianpc Jan 31, 2014 1:39 PM Flag

    The fear mongerers are coming out in force. I am fearless.

    Of course I have nothing to fear. Yet, I consider the fear trade to be an effective weapon. There is little defense against it. Yet, as in war, it is typical for the armchair generals to cheer on the troops as they pulverized. All the while secreted away from the battlefield. So men, keep your head down. This is not your fight. It is not incumbent on you to suffer losses at the hands of the blankfeins and the diamonds and the elops of the world.
    Desert this battlefield, there is no glory here and no valiant should suffer the insufferable. What i am trying to say is:

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    • After the 1st sentence of the war analogy, I couldn't help but think.... "and the generals sat, and the lines on the map, moved from side to side"
      So Dorian, are you one of Us, or are you one of Them??? Beware of the dark side.

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      • dorianpc@ymail.com dorianpc Jan 31, 2014 3:01 PM Flag

        I know it's hard to tell cause i don't pull my punches. I am a nokia fan from the comeback days. My sense of fairness came when i told you guys i gave up on my "BALLs OF STEEL" strategy.
        I didn't ever try and hood wink anybody.
        So again, IF Nokia rallys from here, more power to you. I am not even hoping it goes down. My only point was to share a strategy and i am making the mistake of taking it personally.
        I guarantee if Nokia pops, people will come out of the woodwork to take their revenge on me.
        So, yeah, I am on your side. But i ain't fighting your battles for ya. And i cannot be a leader without followers.
        ... so, here i am, all by my lonesome, ain't nobody gonna know...
        kill me!
        Man, PTSD is one goofy ""illness". I consider it normal.

    • Suffering since 2.86. THANKS FOR YOUR CONCERN.

    • The size of your head is only exceeded by the size of your mouth.Here's the deal,the world is coming out of a long recession.There is a huge pent up demand for practically everything.The fed easing is actually a sign that things are turning around.While the market may be correcting there is nothing on the horizon that signals further recession.Nothing worse than a doom and gloomer getting one right.

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      • dorianpc@ymail.com dorianpc Jan 31, 2014 2:20 PM Flag

        Ah yes, the fed, in it's wisdom, will now only DUMP $65 BILLION into a saturated market. The 20%+ people not working is not REAL unempolyment. We redefined them out of existance, remember?
        Inflation? As Nixon might say, Well David, it means whatever I choose it to mean. None of this really matters, as the global currency collapses will once again ensure a flight to US dollars.
        Regardless, none of this is germane to Nokia which is simply regressing to it's mean valuation, while it continues to absorb the costs of a written off division. A leaderless orginization, who at least has the foresight to admit that it has absolutely no clue as to what the future might bring. Except to say that a 22% drop in sales from it's remaing meaningful part to which it has hitched its wagon shall pale in comparison as it heads into what is traditionally its worst quarter.
        Nope no problem at all.
        There is one thing worse, a pumper that gets it wrong. The market always seems to determine the exact point at which your liquidity becomes insolvent. Then it exceeds it.

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