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  • asdfhsdkjfh342 asdfhsdkjfh342 Apr 2, 2014 12:00 PM Flag

    it's paradoxical how india is talking about reputation and paying taxes honestly and etc..

    while on the other side they trying to steal with both hands by retroactively changing tax laws and trying to rip-off successful companies that happen to set shop there..

    it speaks volumes imo about the "business culture" in india

    and it sets india for major failures moving forward in attracting big capital investments

    it is that kind of small #$%$ mentality
    a small #$%$ will try to steal something no matter how small now, even though that can destroy their future chance to do any business in the future
    that mentality can destroy people and sometimes nations

    because india may eventually steal a few hundred millions from nok and a few hundred millions from vodafone and same from ibm/etc

    but in the long term, they will loose billions in future capital inflows

    just curious if somebody in the high courts of india still has the head on their shoulders and a straight spine, or all are busy kissing the #$%$ of the big dogs in power while destroying that poor country...

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    • To be honest, you would have to pay me ten grand to go there, and I probably still wouldn't go.

    • Your first clue about India, now that globalization is well underway, exactly how much has India outsourced from India into other parts of the world? None. India is a take take greedy country, has been, and always will be. India is not ready for prime time.

    • Well put,you have to sort suspend your believe in reality about India.When gang rape is given a shrug by the population but a privileged female diplomat,that basically has a slave,is idolized.I fear politics in such an ignorant country.

    • yeah...reminds you of adam smith's question..why some nations wealthy and others forever poor....turns out its just plain old fashion short sighted greed and stupidity. they wont even be able to steal the few millions you mentioned, because nokia india sub will tie this up in courts for next 20 end of which there will be nothing left except an abandoned building; n the meantime they'd have lost 35000 jobs and msft as a tax paying stupid is that?

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      • exactly.. that baffles me
        it is amazing how deep entrenched bad behaviors (stealing vs honesty, or shortsightedness vs long term views) can impact a country

        you see that all the time at people level, but sometimes you can see the "national attitude" reflected so well in some of these events..

        imo adam smith had asked the question you mentioned in a rhetorical way, he was fairly politically correct for his times..
        but if he lived today, he could have used india as an example of silly behavior
        their short term thievery is gonna hurt their future in ways they can't even begin to imagine

        but that's ok i guess.. they are used to being poor and harping on that one note string..

        how much of that is caused by their own attitude? imo a large percentage - as we can see in this example

        in the end nok is just gonna come out with some wasted time and maybe a bit of money loss, but what india looses can't be put back in a century

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