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  • stocktothemoon stocktothemoon Apr 20, 2014 7:42 AM Flag

    Nokia X and 32000 employees sitting on the fence. Should we stay or should we go?


    It seem there is more than meets the eye to the closing of the deal. Mr. Softy does not want the workers to go on strike and hold them for ransom. 1 day it is worked out and the next it is not. Foreign workers abroad have learned to exploit big business from US.
    If the 32000 workers of Nokia are ready to be Microsoft employees and the Nokia X becomes Microsoft property the deal is on this week or possible next week. Can't think of what Today's date is at the moment.

    Means 1 of 2 things. Nokia either does not have to pay 32000 employees within 2 weeks and Mr. Softy gets Nokia X, XL or whatever the hell the 3 phones are called. No one can force overseas workers to comply. If that heats up this week than Nokia still has 32000 Nokia Employees and the Nokia X. The Lumia sale is a done deal go. You cannot sell workers. You have to get them to voluntarily go and say they sign the contract knowing what they signed.

    It is the big thing for foreign workers to try and ask for this that and the other thing. You give them an inch and they keep coming back and back an and back.

    Three scenarios this week depending on what Today's date is:
    Microsoft gets the employees and X and Nokia goes up because they do not have to pay 32000 and all the expenses.

    The workers comply. Nokia keeps their employees and X and Microsoft takes the Lumia's. Nokia is still in the phone business.

    Nokia keeps the X and its 32000 employees. Google has seen that the X is running in the top 2 of Android phone sales and it does not run full Android. It is a modified version with Microsoft Services and Nokia app. Google takes out the remaining portion of Nokia for the popular Android phone ( India loves Nokia phones), Here & Google wants to have NSN for their own build out.

    Elope says the X & Employees go to Microsoft. Like I said, you cannot force the employees to comply. Foreign employees act like hot chicks. They think you will never abandon them and they keep coming back asking for more and more.

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    • I hope you understand that all employees current working in the development of Nokia D&S unit determined to be numbering 32000 will be transferring to MSFT. The workers don't have the choice, if they are determined to be part of D&S unit by the two companies, they automatically transfer. I'm sure by now, that determination of who stays and goes and who falls in the gray area (might be fired) are determined and decided upon. Unfortunately, even union employees don't have the luxury of deciding which company they stay with in a transaction like's determined by their role and job description.

    • Just wondering could the holdup be looking for replacement capacity in another region of the world. And walking away from India and the factory altogether?

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