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  • admark1947 admark1947 Aug 10, 2004 9:02 PM Flag

    Ouch...And WHT has left the building!

    Let' see I believe Wheaton earned $21,100,000.00 this quarter.
    IAG earned $100,000.00.
    And the news that really sucks...Do a deal soon and IAG gets to pay WHT $24,000,000.00.
    I suspect your BOD was steering the IAG shareholders in the right direction, imo.
    Did I hear someone say they would like to vote again?

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    • I am not worried since I also have GSS shares to benefit from.

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      • arrang99...
        Would you like to try again. As I said...
        "GSS & IAG had $1,200,000.00 earning combined.
        Little WHT had $21,100,000.00 earnings by itself!"

        Even if GSS get's IAG you are still underperforming by almost $20 million dollars, (based on Q2 04.) Plus IAG will have to come up with $24 million break up fees.
        I understand Wheaton is looking to buy some under-achievers.
        I think I know of two.
        Just my humble opinion.

    • WHT is a lousy mixed metal mining company.
      Copper, Gold & Silver...yuck!

      GSS & IAG had $1,200,000.00 earning combined.
      Little WHT had $21,100,000.00 earnings by itself!
      Damn, aren't you happy that you don't have all that ugly copper and silver to mess up that pretty "Pure Gold."
      Folks, you mine minerals to make money. Whether it's gold, copper or becomes money.
      Wheaton outperformed GSS & IAG combined by almost $20 million dollars, this quarter alone.
      Things that make you go Hummmmm.

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      • Good post admark...I took a look at this last quarters earnings...

        If you take the earnings of:

        Meridian Gold
        Glamis Gold
        Golden Star

        They as a group only earned 1.5 million more than Wheaton River. Talk about an undervaled stock, could the people that voted no on this merger please raise their hand??

        -El Latino

      • IAG is a holding company, a finance company ... it holds shares in other companies that are gold companies ...

        IAG does not produce 1 ounce of gold, there is not one piece of mining equipment that belongs to IAG ... there is not one mining employee that is paid by IAG ...

        IAG receives dividends from other mining companies, takes their cut and passes the balance on to IAG shareholders ...


    • The lawyers didn't have to draft a poison pill, they could have just used their bills.

      GSS wins, unless they choose to withdraw their offer. Thats why GSS was so adamant about the fact that they were not going to raise their offer.

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