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  • barry_obummer barry_obummer Nov 14, 2012 1:01 PM Flag

    Fire Letwin

    He is a disaster. First the low grade Canadian property.
    Now reduced production with higher costs through 2013 driving down share price.
    Letwin is incompetent and the board that hired him.
    Dump Letwin before he destroys IAG.

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    • "The company's cash, cash equivalents and gold bullion (at market value) position was $1.1 billion at Sept. 30, compared to $614.9 million at June 30."

      Yeah, better do something - they're almost broke!

      He's excited about Cote Gold. Why don't we see what happens there before lowering the ax. Maybe kick him out if he misses guidance, but so far he's saying they will meet guidance's low end. What's wrong with that?

      How about we see if they make 1.5 Million ounces per year by 2015?

      Oh I forgot, you know more than he does. I'm sorry for disrespecting you, we better replace him and the board just as you say...

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      • I see someone who I've put on ignore has replied to this thread, and I just put another on ignore, but not drhollars - he's too obivious.

        Hey Dr. H, what's an A/C issue - air condittioning? I've heard of AAA, and Aaa and Bbb+ and who knows what else, but not A/C, (except on the dashboard of my car...) Care to explain? I looked "A/C issues" up on Investopedia and they said see: air conditioning!

        If you meant the debt security IAG has issued in relation to the Ecuador operation, I guess paying the 6%+ probably will wipe 'em out - yeah better sell...

        Just so everyone knows, I'm done here for the day. I'll continue to read, but I can't spend any more time writng posts for this board, supporting one of the best companies in the industry, defending them from a bunch of short scammers trying to bring it done based on some sensational distortions to impact the market trend. What a world...

        GLTA IAG longs!

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    • Buying Cote project meant that in future company aims to produce gold mostly in Canada rather than in exotic places around the world. It is not necessarily bad strategy.

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