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  • acourtney Oct 10, 2013 4:44 PM Flag

    plain out manipulation of gold and silver

    if gold goes up too much , guess what no one buys the dollar and treasuries
    thanks to paper futures that bs banker created trading method ..........eric sprott has it right ....demand far out weighs supply ..but gold goes down ......cant figure it out ........? he can but no one can do anything about it

    you cant fight someone who prints money .............and can short anything they want with vast amounts of bs paper money that can be created out of thin air ..didnt Fed Bullard say the qe has to continue and guess what gold goes down bs.

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    • dont worry about it. let them screw around with the price. let see if gold really does hit 1100. It will never hit that level because of all the demand in pyscial gold. these should have increase the price of gold and make china pay more $$ for gold. i dont know what the fk the banker and fed is trying to do with gold price. if i am the fed, i should just let the gold rise to at least 2-3k and start selling it to china. then collapse the price again and buy it lower. gold is not going to 1000. dont listen to roger bs story. he just a con man .

    • If you really believe in manipulation then your trading in IAG is completely illogical. Why would you play in a rigged game?

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Seems like the dollars the Fed prints doesn't hit the economy since you would think there would be more inflation. It probably sticks to the banks fingers and stays there while they scoop up cheap gold created by way of price manipulation. Big banks will always win.

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