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  • markofbklyn markofbklyn Mar 14, 2004 11:43 AM Flag

    imx future

    in order for this company to be profitable and have hugh revenue, they need to step up it's production of explosive detection devices. they need to increase sdales staff and also not to rely on the us navy, true an order from the navy would be a big boost for the company, and would probably boost the stock price, still there are other ways for the company to have great revenvue. they should look at police departments, dept of transportation, many office buildings should have the explosive detection devices, hosipitals, night clubs, the list can goi on and on. The company should mass produce these devices and start to sell it. i hate the fact that the conpany intends to outsource the making of these machines to an outside manufacturee. but this is what they want to do and as a shareholder i have no choice but to accept it maybe in the future the company will manufactur ethere own tech.

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    • Respectifully, I don't agree with the idea that IMX needs to start its own fabrication plant for the following resaons;

      1. They are not experienced in such large fabrication efforts that are required. It's best left to fabrication experts who will be much more efficient.

      2. It would cost too much money and require too much debt for capital equipment that already exists at fab companies.

      3. It would take too long to set it up.

      4. It would tend to divert their focus and drain their energy.

      We have to remember that expolsive detection is only the beginning with this technology. It will be developed for narcotic and chemical detection also. However, I don't know if it will ever be capable of biologic detection (like anthrax etc.) But I'm sure there are applications that haven't even been thought of yet.

      It appears that IMX has a well thought out game plan and intends to stick to what it knows best and not risk being overwhelmed at manufacturing. As more applications are brought to reality, they will need more and differing fabrication suppliers just as they will need more and differing marketing/sales agreements for various new products and markets.

      There will be plenty of revenue.

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