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  • SilverD19 SilverD19 Apr 6, 2004 2:33 PM Flag

    We have this to look forward to....

    I missed TASR (I would never chase it here, for all the tea in China), but we're in on the ground floor with IMX....

    The story here is just beginning....


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    • Check out IDNX and MAGS also...everytime I think MAGS is ready for a goes up another 10%...up about 19% this week on heavy volume. Good news out today on IDNX, was up 20% at one point today, but fell back to "only" a 10% gain today.

    • Hopefully you are not referring to this part, unless of course it turns out that the sniffer can cause damage to one's health...(I'd like to see how that could ever, ever happen!)

      "Further... "We are very concerned with the statements reported by CBS Evening News last night that there are TASER related fatalities. While there have been approximately 40 people who have died while in police custody after a TASER energy weapon was used to restrain them, in all of those cases where autopsy reports are available the medical examiners have not listed the TASER as the cause of death in even one instance. None of the medical examiners' reports attributed the cause of death to the TASER energy weapon. We are always saddened with loss of a loved one for the grieving families, but all of the medical testing we have done and the tens of thousands of uses of TASER conducted energy weapons by Police have clearly established the medical safety of this product," continued Smith.

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