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  • astrindbergg astrindbergg May 20, 2004 11:40 PM Flag

    Armani was funny regarding that

    When the fund guy asked him would he sell the company...Armani said not really much a consideration right now, I got my hands full with the sniffer and the medical stuff blah blah. When the guy asked: what about at 4 times your current price Armani said".............welllllllll....." the crowd laughed.

    Interesting the InVision Deal/Partnership had been extended; first news of that...there was almost a follow-up question to that but it seemed Armani treated it lightly and wanted to get on--- personally I think there's a there there and it's probably an interesting one.
    Did anyone else get that impression or am I misinterpreting that? or am I just going off my rocker?

    anyway, good night

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    • I thought it was interesting that he was not at liberty to discuss how long the INVN deal was extended. I would think a specific time frame, say three months, would have been okay to mention. Considering the takeover by GE, my guess is the extension is open ended to give GE time to evaluate it as part of their due diligence, thus he was "not at liberty" because it is open ended. Fwiw.

    • We're starting to sound like a bunch of bond mavens sitting around with dictionaries and VSA software analyzing Greenies last sermon from the mount. Watchagonnado?

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