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  • ObKozRanch ObKozRanch Aug 24, 2004 12:45 PM Flag

    Well look at that, NBR!

    We are mentioned, if you go just click on news tab you don't have to wait for a down load, at the bottom of the transcript is little IMX, and on the bottom of the page is the quote.
    Me thinks filling the gap and movin on up is the theme, and "What will tomorrow bring" as the song goes, will only lead us to new highs.
    I was on the fence, taken back by the selloff beginning in late spring on the Naz, but I know topline Josh, and he kept up with this particular stock. I got out of everything in June and was sitting on cash. Aug. 13 was the bottom, and I believe the market will run as the Bushies get into gear at the convention. Then will be the second bottom, completeing the "w" Oct. or election time and off to da races we go!
    Most important here (IMHO) is that this is a story stock, bullet proof if you will, and I will NOT sell, because the realization of profits is too compelling. 4M shares floated, 40% insider ownership, can any here say they do not see a quad split within a year? Even INVN has 17M outstanding, sure our machine is not as expensive but a portable sniffer? Got to love it. On a technical point of view 10.40 should be a breakout, 7% downside from 10 is all, but fundamentally:
    I believe every border crossing, and trains and bus stations will benefit hugh from IMX.

    As for Armini wearing Armani? You can't teach an old dog new tricks, he is comfortable, and I guess that says alot about a person; he puts on NO airs!
    One happy camper,so lets have Quantum sales!!!!!
    Oh it's a buy baby.

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