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  • teafortwo100 teafortwo100 Apr 12, 2005 11:04 AM Flag

    For anybody who wants to make

    some $$$ in this lousy market, I suggest looking at the financials of AMT and MOVI and perhaps shorting them both. They have been my only $$$ makers in this severe downdraft. Loot - I know you sometimes follow me - take a look. With interest rates on the rise, companies with huge debt won't do well at all. Can't believe the action even in EBAY - they are taking it down!!! Stocks with outrageous PE's and the need to borrow $$$ will be crushed. HI to Rug, NCB, Incite, etc . . .

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    • Mathman, If you a gamer check out the following web site:
      Acutip is an add on product for your joy stick that will improve your game. It is very inexpensive and worth checking out.
      My kids love their acutips.

    • LBJ was a lying crook from TEXAS just like Bush and did the bidding of the oil and military industries just like Bush.As I said in earlier posts the oil companies are plenty powerful without the whitehouse,but they are downright murderous when they control the peoples house as well.

    • I liked both Carter and Reagan as presidents. I would share with you a little personal story: As a senior in highschool I was privileged to have a little sit-down one morning with the late Walter Annenberg. He, of course, was an ardent Ray Gun fan. I opined that I saw value in both men. He said it is good to see men instead of politicians and then added, "maybe they're both good kites." Huh? Then he added, "A good kite flies higher against the wind--not with it." Since then I've always tried to look at the man first and the politician second, which is why I'm so disappointed with W. A major buffoon, a disgrace to the office. Recent opinion polls show America is waking up to the fact that W may not be the man many thought he was. And I'm fine with that. Better late than never as that W kite is now tangled up in a cherry tree out there in D.C. Only three years and eight months left to go!

    • "The bad economy were laid at his feet by those great republicans Nixon and Ford"--

      LBJ waged 2 wars--the one on poverty and the VN War. He paid for neither and set the stage. Pols are great to spend and lay the cost on the next generation. Either party. It is also false to blame Carter for everything. History and Economics have given him better marks than he got at that time. He was probably the most decent man to occupy the Presidency. He had too many weaknesses, like trying to micro manage everything. Every President has strengths and weaknesses.

    • mentioned TTWO and GTA. Sooner or later GTA is going to lose it's steam/popularity. I predict that'll happen sooner, rather then latter. The competition is cutting into that market...and's just getting old. I've played these games. GTA is TTWO's money-maker (obviously). But...if you've noticed...they are getting into sports-themed games lately...ERTS niche...and I think they will do well in that market share. Again...I don't own shares currently, but have had it on my watch list since I sold it around $38 a little while back. I keep it on my watch list (like many other stocks) so I can see news in many sectors each day when I check my portfolio. Like to keep informed in many market sectors daily.
      Tea...I know you didn't ask me...but I'm like you currently...large % of cash in portfolio, just waiting to put it somewhere...patience, patience. <s> I might throw a small amount at TTWO with their recent 3-2...but better to wait until the fall season...summer doldrums coming up, game companies have a better cycle in the fall/winter.

    • >>>TTWO has been my favorite for a long time and is still at a very reasonable price despite finally participating in a bit of a run<<<

      Same here...I've owned TTWO in the past and made good money on them. No position currently. They announced a 3-2 split this morning if you hadn't noticed.

    • >>>I know your intellect is far superior to mine, but what the heck is "sooths"?<<<

      Tea...there's a reason why he has "dummy" as part of his screen name. I'm assuming that his first name in real life is Rummy. So you have to give him a little bit of credit...everytime he posts, in essense, he is admitting to being a dummy...everytime he posts. Not that we needed to see his screen name to verify that of course.

    • I hadn't followed ATVI closely until recently, since it seemed like they relied a lot on games based on movies (they do have Tony Hawk under contract for another 7 years or so). Also, their SP is more attractive than just about any others right now, due to some depreciation after a split. I'm still debating getting in, only b/c I'm slightly unsure of the long-term prospects.

      TTWO has been my favorite for a long time and is still at a very reasonable price despite finally participating in a bit of a run. Plus, that stock seems to find more certain support than many others (I'll keep saying that until it breaks down, I guess). With GTA, Civ, Reservior Dogs, MLB Exclusive contract, Midnight Club, they are obviously trying to diversify around GTA. And GTA still has its lucrative XBox, computer, and PSP releases soon, so any successes in addition to GTA before the next cycle will be seen as strong positives by the market.

      Majesco (COOL) is riskier, but with much more potential reward. The SP keeps dropping for apparently no reason, as Majesco is set to release some very well-reviewed new titles (see , ). They also own proprietary hardware related to the Game Boy Advance color videos. If thier stock stabilizes and then they have some positive news, I believe it could go from $9 to the $20 range. Yahoo! has them at a forward P/E of 12.75, which is fairly attractive IMO.

      I like ERTS in theory, but their pricey valuation and continued erosion of sports games market share, combined w/ tepid growth propects give me less relative hope for EA's appreciation. I'm also still bitter b/c I sold some @ 52 in December, missing out on momentary appreciation to $70 (leaving my other VG stocks behind wrt appreciation, but bringing them down a bit when it fell).

      I don't know enough about THQ to make an informed decision...really I have seen TTWO as a great value for so long, and their business keeps getting more stable and diversified...I feel more confident about TTWO's future than ever. All they really need to do is announce a settlement w/ the SEC (yes, here is the potential catch), and the SP will take off. I mean seriously, what management team would be locking up long-term MLB deals, buying the rights to Civilization, thinking of new GTA locations, and taking aim at EA, all with the knowledge that in 3 months they would be fired, their stock worthless, and all the work would have been for naught? The settlement will be announced soon (IMO) and then you will see some near-term appreciation. Hold on, though, b/c it'll be a while before TTWO will be overvalued.

    • ...(continued)...can't hurt either. Margins have been dropping due to increased competition and SOME maturing of the industry, but I believe it is set up for another stage of fairly rapid growth. The improving demographics will more than make up for any pricing pressures as the industry's key players secure their places at the top; ERTS, TTWO, ATVI, and THQI are the main contenders. Smoother revenue streams will also be characteristic of the industry as it approaches maturity due to consolidation. The only 3 of the above 4 (IMO) will be around in 5 years, and you'll wish you had bought the other one due to the increased valuations they will see along with a nice takeover premium. Also of note wrt profitability, there has been much talk recently of advertising within games...they are the next major source of increased profitability in VG's, especially for those with online games.

      More specifically within the industry, I believe quality long-term titles (like GTA or Tony Hawk) will prove quite valuable in the long run due to the name recognition, dependability of sales, and originality of the concepts. Anyone can publish a VG based on a movie, as long as they get the deal. But only TTWO can publish GTA. That means something.

      These are just my thoughts on the demographics of the videogame industry...sorry for the prolonged rant, but I did warn you it was off-topic. And it still took up less than half of the slots necessary for Nonad to get in his daily Dump and De-Pump.

    • What an insightful post! It's refreshing to read such an articulate view from a young pup like you (I have a daughter almost your age in college). You certainly must be an avid reader to have chosen Mr. Rogers' book! Speaking of the demographics - how about the part stating that a FEMALE Korean youth would be in great demand due to the societal choices (euphemestic version) being made. I agree with your views - yes, even about video games. I am currently eyeing Activision - do you own it? Teens have such discretionary spending power - IPODS, video games, TRLG jeans, etc. etc. You don't need to tell me! Let me know your video games picks - do you think Activision is a good one? Best to you; I'll bet your parents are proud of you. :) Gotta go listen to a cc.Thanks for the post.

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