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  • captain_crunch_usa_2002 captain_crunch_usa_2002 Jul 24, 2005 12:20 PM Flag

    HISC, IMX, and where do we go?

    Hi message board readers. I've been reading your messages for some time now...and decided I'd join in the talk.

    I'm a financial consultant for a major firm and I get the calls from the usual PR firms pumping one stock or the other. I'm always skeptical, as I was when I was first contacted about HISC. It was April 2005, HISC was at one half cent and I said "Come on. Show me some investor interest and some actual business activity...some employees...something concrete." So, of course, I didn't buy it a half cent.

    Then, when it hit about 2 1/2 cents I bought a fair amount....for myself. It dipped again and I thought...if only this gets back to even...I'm outta here. Well...I hung in there...bought more...watched it climb up to 14+ cents...retrace somewhat...hold its own in the 9's and 10's. Naturally, I'm happy.

    But...where do I think it's going from here? (and I realize each of us has our own opinions, and in some cases, an equally valid opinion.) Well...they have the Bush appointee handling govt contracts, etc...and one thing about Bushees...they stick together right or wrong. He'll make SOMETHING happen, I feel strongly. Next, they started something with the satellite tracking devices on the school buses...that could be a HUGE item as schools struggle with ways to keep track of their buses and are concerned with safety. Huge. Not to mention their use in USA ports and for the very unsafe container shipping that comes into the states. Huge again.

    Next, as previous posters have documented, we seem to be in the midst of a terrorist expansion. If I were HISC or IMX, I would donate five of their best units (business-wise) to the London police...and release a news story about it. Anybody with anti-terrorism stuff to sell could do well in this environment, as sad as that is.
    Finally, there seems to be some long term ties between HISC and IMX...mergers are certainly possible as are other alliances. HISC appears to have some exclusive sales opportunities and IMX has its regular medical business plus this anti-terrorism technology. BOTH will do well.

    And another thing about HISC that could make an impact: they certainly WANT to go bulletin board or higher. That will make a good impact, I believe, on their pricing.(At least for those of us who own it at the time lol)

    One of the really fascinating concepts is that HISC could very easily trade up to a dollar or two dollars...and still be a small company with only a very tiny portion of the overall expenditures on terrorism. Bush, with one stroke of his pen ... or Halliburton with a few strokes...could make HISC a very large player. What makes HISC compelling at THIS point, I believe, is that you can buy it at a dime (or thereabouts)...and even if someone buys it at 25 cents in a week or two...the possibility that it could very easily be at $1.50 in three months makes for some great math, and profits.
    Now, IMX has some incredible opportunities as well (I own that for several clients). They hold the technology and that's an incredible hand. Their growth will be exciting as well, if not quite as huge in the math department. Buying 2000 shares in the six dollar price range puts you in for $12,000. If it were to double (a nice jump to go up $6.00), you'd make another 12 grand obviously. For HISC, the opportunity for a double, triple, quad, etc is a little easier to reach with a limited float and tiny price.
    Having said that...I believe BOTH make interesting buys for the right person at the right time. Monday morning I'm planning to go in and buy MORE of HISC for myself, and add a bit to IMX as well. Thanks for reading all of this...and look forward to your continued thoughts.

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    • Prestki - you wrote that you wanted some of our micro recommendations. Keep in mind often very short term even 2 day huge moves. All very high risk/high return (including IMX).

      Don't know if you are following my posts on SI.

      I believe you saw the posts - HISC at .0015 (almost 100 bagger). Success with IMX. Didn't sell at 10, but still believe 20 is doable this year.

      ARSC the other day. I think you posted to me that you saw it.

      We had IGTN the past 2 days - from .004 to over a penny today.

      I'm not going to post any of these OT any more here. I'll leave that to the HIET scammers. They know who they are. Those who love class actions, reorganizations, screwing shareholders, massive dilution, etc., etc., will go with HIET. I love it when they mention HIET. It shows how valuable IMX is. Did I mention that HIET has neither earnings nor revenues? ROFLMAO.

      Prestki-drop me a note on SI if you get a chance. Good luck.


    • Hi Prestki - I'd prefer to help people make money. I rarely post on Yahoo because of the multi alias spammers like Baddog et al, bashers.

      I use the same name on all boards and SI is the best.

      I have ARSC today. Take a look at it.

    • I mentioned Hisc months and months ago and insulted

    • Don't forget me RRUFF, I'm a little humiliated too after opening the kickass on your posts about HISC. You made a bundle, I didn't (on HISC) so shame on me for not taking you serious. You're the KING!! Now find another for us.

    • You seem to have a real chip on your shoulder about something. Did my comments somewhere hit a little too close to home? Why so upset? Is it really worth taking up bandwidth here? I'd be happy to discuss IMX, HISC, or HIET, or the sector in general but I don't think the juvenile pot shots are advancing the DD here.

    • Hey baddog. Looks like you were wrong again.


      Wrong on HISC - more PR's with IMX. You could have made money on both IMX and HISC, but NOOOOOO, you've continued to show us how a classic LOSER cointinues to whine, piss and moan.

    • I think I was pretty clear in the post. I had a ton, made almost 100 x my money, sold most, still have a lot.

      Happy if it keeps going up.

      Happy if it goes down as I'll load up more.

      What's the problem with that?

      I like the company but am diversified. I try to stay away from crap companies like HIET.

    • Maybe ruffy's different personalities and aliases have different accounts?

    • As a financial consultant your post offered
      one thing--opinion--and we all have one.

      If you get paid for consultation consider
      yourself lucky.

    • Unmitigated bullshit. You have to hand it to this crew though, HISC is the most relentlessly pumped penny stock I've seen since I started watchining message boards in 1999. This might be ruffy/fc invest posting again as the ridiculous idea of giving away product comes up again. "Financial consultant..." yeah, right. It might do some short term damage to IMX but I do hope HISC is halted soon, like CAFE, just to let the room clear of the misleading hype.

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      • Baddog - I had stopped posting because of ridiculous posts such as yours and including your attempts to imitate my alias.

        Personally, I think it's inappropriate to discuss another stock on a particular message board.

        I've been in IMX I believe longer than you and obviously like the company, the science, the products.

        However, the simple fact is that they had not been able to make headway in either sales of their products or in getting enhanced value for shareholders.

        Thank goodness for HISC and what it did for IMX, is what you should be posting. The relationship may continue, grow or peter out. The simple fact is that HISC has caused IMX to move up significantly in price and you should be happy, not pissing and moaning because your feelings were hurt.

        Instead, you are "sour grapes," because you were humiliated on the Ihub board.

        I'd urge all to read this idiot's posts on the IHub board and see the reaction to his moanful whining.

        If you want a war, Baddog, you'll get it. But, as we both know, you have neither facts nor the ability to express them.

        You need to join the Howard crew, the ASEI pumpers because your logic and sour grapes have become very similar.

        Very long on IMX!!!

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