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  • mrs_lurk_34 mrs_lurk_34 Aug 2, 2005 11:42 AM Flag

    Good News to come...

    You have to feel with the irregular buying activity that began on Friday was a result of some news leakage. The fact that nothing has ben announced makes you feel the news may be associated with a 'major entity' and that they would be the ones to make the news public. Just speculating.

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    • I think the $1M will be GM, not profit, but time will tell.

      Look at the deferred revenue line in the upcoming 10Q. It will be the 30% up front payment from the China sale. From that you can calc unit sale price. COGS will be a little tougher to estimate but not that hard. G&A will be up a bit too with the new hires.

      I'm a fundamental guy so I'm waiting to see the numbers.

      Nice run by the way.

    • Relax:
      IMX is in fine shape. Two days ago we were steady at $6.84 for half the day, then POP. Thats a $2 jump from $6.84 to over $9. Lets not expect a $1.50 rise every day even when there is no news. We are in great shape now: 1) China order provides net of apprx $1m, 2)the 40 other QS (middle east)orders will provide net of $400k, 3) On July 22, Dr A sad they had authorized a repurchase of 300,000 shares. If IMX bought at $3.50 and sold at $8.50, then IMX made another $1.5mil in cash . Therefore IMX can easily meet the loan term due in November. Moreover, another moderate sized order will clearly put us in a good position for the short term.....Now for the long term, its simple 1) we have OSIS and ship cargo screening which is a billion dollar industry, 2) we have a patent and a great technology to Start sales and 3) we make the QS a little more rugged for the NAVY (poss 1500 units) and then its right to $23 a share in six to nine months. Oh yes, remember we are not a one trick pony; we have other profitable entities and a breast cancer product funded by the NIH grant in PHASE TWO!!!!!!

      Discl. Long

    • Only time will tell and I beleave it will go past 10 with no problem,The ARMY and NAVY up grades have been completed,and with the OSIS,HISC and IMX sales teams at work,More ORDERS will come soon.WHY would the ARMY and NAVY supply grants so that CHINA and others could use the QS tec first.NO I beleave ORDERS are soon,not just from the US but also orthers in need.

    • You need to understand that the $17 price tag that IMX was carrying around was due to the anticpation of large orders being right around the corner per Dr. A's comments on CC's around that time. If you had seen a large order when IMX was at $17, it likely would have popped to $20 or so and then quickly retraced to the $15 area. But that didn't happen. The orders never materialized and as a result the stock plummetted to $3 (Due to a lack of orders and missed deadlines, overenthusiastic projections, etc.) As much as you don't want to hear it, don't expect a price of much more than $10 until they hit sustainable profitability.

    • Come on the stock was at 17 last year when the QS was not ready.This stock will go 20+.

    • Agree with you in principal Card. Like I've mentioned before, at some point the fundamentals have to match the hype. We've seen what has happened in the past with IMX when the fundamentals failed to meet the expectations of the hype.
      My guess is that the China order will bring approx. $1M (33% of $3M order)(just a guess) of profit to IMX. While that is good for a small company like's only going to last so long. They are going to need continuous orders to maintain profitablily over a longer term. In the meantime, no reason not to ride the momentum. Don't fight the tape (except for today). <s>

    • Given Dr. A's track record, I wouldn't count on the company being profitable based on one large order.... Anyway, I said I think $12 is the highest sustainable price without profitability. Anyway, we're pretty close to $6.50 with that 15% slide at the close.

      Too bad I tried to short the damn thing at $8.90 and couldn't get shares.... Always happens like that. Bummer.

    • Friday's action was typical of a low float stock being bought on momentum. You see similar charts everywhere. After the initial large runup you typically see a decent sized pullback, a day or two of rest, and then another shot higher which is typically the top without any news in the short-term.

      If you don't get another order in 1-2 weeks I'd look for the stock to test the $6.00-$6.50 area and bottom around there pending further developments.

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