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  • ninja69turtle ninja69turtle Aug 26, 2005 7:04 PM Flag

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    Ho hum, another down day...

    If you rode this maverick from $17 all the way down to $2.50 and back up again, as I have done, you wouldn't get so excited.

    Believe me, it will be up sooner than you think!

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    • Same spot as you. Very painful ride the last 2+ years... I have no question that great things are coming very soon for this company. Payday is just about here for those of us that have waited. What an education from the posters on this board. For the most part this is a great group to learn from and I thank you. And for the few that have been a pain in the butt, I hope you get some help and feel better someday in your world that you live in. I would much rather have a good conversation and get along with people vs. always be upset and argue all the time about who is right, be nice, it's amazing how you feel when you live your life without much anger...

      Have a good weekend to all... I hope we have a better week next week. It's got to be close to the BIG TUNA CATCH TIME, I think IMX has all the lines in the water and it is just a matter of time before we start reeling them in one at a time. As the sheriff said in the movie JAWS, 'We are going to need a bigger boat' just to hold our catch. I see lots of tuna, an we have the best bait in the sea...

    • I am right next to you.Hang on our turn is coming.

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