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  • If you beleave in a company and its product thats all it matters NOT being a superstar or wanting a pat on the back.And I do beleave there are more ORDERS coming!Its sound like you are the one who has LOST faith in this company!

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    • Wow Jack- That is quite a change in tone.

      Now it is faith in their orders and not any knowledge. You are a true POS. This whole time you have been guessing they will get orders and hoping you will be right, as I said before, you have zero credibility!, and yes I did loose faith in this POS company as the CEO tends to be more and more of a moron as each quarter goes by. He needs to step aside and a new captain needs to control this ship, not a scientist "A CEO!". Then my faith will be restored.

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      • Well Shellamamabad or whoever you are,

        I sure am glad you helped us out on this one. All companies guess on their new products and most of the old companies are just better at fooling the public and their share holders from all fronts. I would love to here who you think has credibility today (that I'm sure would make most of us laugh). I think you need to re-think who is the POS, for sure it is not Jack or you, he has faith, and I'm not talking about from a church. This is a great company that is about to be known for their products, and they will have a great impact from cancer to explosion detection machines and who knows what else they will come up with. These are some of the brightest minds we have and I hope they don't loose faith in what they are capable of in helping our society be a better place to live! That includes all of us, even you and the other people that have lost faith.

        You want to know what I'm concerned about, even more then the bombs? That damm chicken flu scares the hell out of me, that problem alone has and could be the worst disaster we have ever seen in 2000 years. I hope you have your afairs and priorties in order... I know I do...

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