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  • cdaniel394 cdaniel394 Nov 8, 2005 10:54 AM Flag

    Chinese Railway Order?

    Shouldn't the Chinese Railway order just about be ready to ship? I tried to find when the deposit was received, but couldn't find the PR. Earnings should be due soon.

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    • So now let me understand this - you are in the know also, but expect Jack to confirm what you supposedly know. What a comedy team you two are.

    • Jack,

      What do you know about this week? Let out just a small bit of info to shut these pricks up. You were not off the other month, just delayed out of your control and I know it... Tell me about this week and I will then know and so will the rest of the small traders on this board know that you are the real thing... Let them have it. I already know whats comming do you?... Be close so you don't get egg on you face again... Pick the day and topic.

      Just so I make myself very clear to this small group. Take note******11-8-2005 PR/am clear path for QS moving forward... But what do I know.. Follow my lead Jack, thats a hint... Now you state the subject Jack... And if you don't know that's O.K. also. I appreciate your thoughts the last month or so. It's nice having more then PFG and a few others having faith in IMX. Some people can see only a tree and others see a forest behind the tree.

      Have a good one Jack...

    • Oh Jack, get a life.

      You know nothing and have ZERO credibility. Quit spouting off and crawl back under your rock.

      Like the vission said- now it's real soon. Oh boy, you have no clue!

    • You read me like a book. Isn't all about making money. I will NEVER be first in or last out. Give me the middle of the range.

    • I've noticed you play it both ways and try to push board sentiment with your agenda. I guess that's "fair play" in this game. Have you been catching the swings pretty well? I don't play this one short but I do look for bottoms and I think we're close here. I guess when your tone changes you'll be ready for a ride up and agreeing. Good luck trading (and no point in hasseling Jack, he's our long mascot).

    • What makes you think I won't buy in again and then short again. It lost almost $6 off the last high of 9.7 since the china order. Making the middle 2-3 dollars is very profitable.

    • I know that names mean nothing,But new tec that nobody has and means sales and you will be off this board when the ORDERS start to roll in,SO please hang around then to so I can call you the ASS!!!!!

    • "Earnings should be due soon."

      Expect the 10Q to be delayed again. We will hear in about a week.

      • 2 Replies to docerta
      • We'll Doc, would you like to make a fun bet that IMX will have a PR before weeks end? And it will not be about the 10Q! Tweet-tweet-tweet... Any takers for the fun of it? Winner gets to play games with the losser for a week or so on this board...

        Hummmmmmmm, drip, drip, drip.... For those of you without a brain. The catfish is done feeding at bottom and is comming to the surface fast. I plan on catching this catfish and killing it so it can't feed on the bottom anymore... I hate garbage eaters that sink to the bottom to pick up the scraps. I'm going to the pond now, so you better buy now, because I will catch this fish in the next (two days). And as always, I know nothing...

      • Wouldn't think the 10Q would be delayed. If I was the accountant I would want to be done as soon as possible and move on.

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