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  • Its a sad day today,11 Marines killed by IED.WE need NEW tec for IED from IMX NOW !!!!

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    • Jack,

      What part of the Country do you live in? I don't need to know much about you, just a little info please...

      I'm from the great lakes region and it's snowing today and very cold... I did not hear about the Marines today, that is sad about them. I don't know if the QS would have helped them, but it surely could have if used in the right locations to find these explosives before they are used on inocent people or soldiers that are trying to help that area of the world... My hope is someday they can locate these areas that store or make these items and stay one step ahead of them... I don't know if we will ever be able to totally eliminate them, but we sure can make it difficult for them to operate or hide. Have a great weekend and my thoughts will be with our troops and families that they be safe from these people that don't put a value on life as we do here in this area of the world.

      Sorry to be so emotional about this but it hurts when this happens to our own troops that are trying to make their (middle eastern) world a better/safer place to live. That area of of the world needs to be stablized for the benefit of all of us. Enough, I have to go, have a great weekend... I hope I didn't affend anyone, that way not my intention, I just want to violence to stop targeting the inocent...

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