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  • blowme_or_ne1469 blowme_or_ne1469 Mar 27, 2006 9:55 AM Flag

    Warrants EXPIRE FRIDAY

    Another example of this POS company taking care of its shareholders.

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    • >>>Only you would understand the mistake anyone would have made placing any of their INVN gains in IMX rather than ASEI<<<

      Long time no see Rownow. After INVN, I put alot of those profits in both IMX and ASEI. Got ASEI at $12, but when it doubled at $24, I took a bunch out and put it in IMX. Rhagen and I had discussed this, we thought IMX had the better potential at the time. Doh! Even though I was able to get a double on IMX as well, it will still go down in my personal history as my worse investment move ever. I had to work to get my IMX profits, but had I left it all in ASEI, all I would have had to do was sit and watch it grow 750%. I try not to think about it...thanks for reminding me. I can't complain 3 doubles on 3 stocks...but what COULDA been if I'd have left well enough alone. Oh well. I just HAD to fuck with it.....

    • row...he is not alone

    • Only you would understand the mistake anyone would have made placing any of their INVN gains in IMX rather than ASEI. As of today ASEI is near $92, IMX is under $4. Back then ASE was dipping below $10 and IMX was comfortably in the $16-$17 range. The ability to extend the detection range by several meters and penetrate the target through shielding has made ASEI the choice by DOD/TSA and IMX left scrambling for foreign markets. Give them a few days to come up with an OSIS PR, OSIS can compete with ASEI but their marketing is pathetic, then move on.

    • >>>when they made the QS demo video available for viewing<<<

      IMX stock has dropped about 62% since then btw...fwiw.

    • >>>but trust in the company is diminished and we'll now see more trading instead of long terms holds<<<

      The expiration of the warrants didn't cause this. IMX created this attitude well over a year ago. Imo, IMX became a trading stock...rather then a long term hold stock on about 11/24/04 when they made the QS demo video available for viewing. This was the first time investors were able to see a working model of what they had invested well as the potential problems with it. I think the lack of sales, and the fact that they are revising it proves those problems to be verified. Add in the PIPE'S and earning reports...and you got a stock that should have been traded rather then long-term I've been saying for a long time now. The warrants aren't the reason for a change in's been going on for quite a while now...this is just another chapter in the saga.

      I'm getting close to my downside limit number with the shares I own now fwiw. If it gets there and I sell...probably won't get back in until 2-10 days after earnings report + CC where I'll get new/cheaper shares (if at all). Of course any new order news/announcments trumps all limit numbers I have...then it's buy, buy buy. 2006 is make or break time for IMX imo...9 more months......

    • >>nobody is going to trust the management of this company<<

      lol, POM will!

    • my bad, thought you was talking to me.

    • I have a stockbroker, asshole. I lost money on this POS IMX. Not claiming to be an expert on warrants dickface.

      have a nice day.

    • Wow. I hope you're embarrased by that post you just spewed. It really shows your intelligence. My advice? Get a good stockbroker and step away from the computer.

    • >>>>These warrents were an enticement to get jumpstart a microcap IPO quite a few years ago. That is all. Kind of like a store giving free coupons to the first 100 customers.

      did I get you right 100 customers? there were a lot more than that! besides if they had met there own projections with the QS as presented to the investors the reason why they/we bought into this stock in the first place it would have been well over 9$ SP by now. Now that Enron I mean IMX has decided to increase inside share holders stock options and eliminate the investor warrants is something I would expect from Enron, not a company as worthless as this one expressing how much they appreciate there investors, as you can see even with the elimination of the 1 mil shares this stock went down even further? Shows that nobody is going to trust the management of this company when they make decisions that burn the investors who supported this piss poor managed company. The people who held warrants will be contacted to join a class action law suit (i'm guessing).

      Having these guys manage IMX is like asking the rabbits to guard the lettuce patch...

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