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  • fcinvest_2222 fcinvest_2222 Jun 30, 2006 9:29 AM Flag

    Somethings up.


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    • "Apologies again if I was wrong about her."

      You are wrong if you think she is a mastermind behind a stock trading scheme.

      FYI, she asked a bunch of questions in a conference call almost two years ago. The questions could be best described as dopey and naive...... full of wide-eyed optimism. She is definitely a small-time investor who is in over her head.

      Even Armini was annoyed after just a few minutes of hearing Pom on the call. Imagine how the rest of us feel after years of pom-pom posts.

    • >>>Do you mind if I repost your reply to me on another board that I believe is running a similar scam?<<<

      Yeah, I don't care. But I'm kinda curious in what the stock is though.
      I appreciate the permission, but another poster convince me to give up my crusade tonight with a real gut wrenching post. I'm not going to post there anymore. Too much negative chi. Thanks anyway and best to you...and pomfret too. Apologies again if I was wrong about her.

    • Holy Gibberish Incite as I think you are great!

    • >>>Inciteful is full of his usual twaddle<<<

      Holy Gibberish Pom! Incite this, Incite that...twaddle dee, twaddle doe. Sounds like another one of your conspiracy theories gone bad. I'm a bad, bad man.

      So many wild accusations/lies!
      So little (desire to waste my) time!

      P.S. Never been accused of being a twaddler before...that's cool. Adding that to my list of names called on this

    • elite: "The ONLY thing that matters is whether IMX has any prospect of ever selling their Trace product at a price that will earn them a profit. THis particular company has NOT demonstrated that."

      The company has "not demonstrated that" because the portal is NOT READY, and if you believe that is the ONLY thing going on at IMX, then I rest my case. You are either totally in the dark because you failed to do your homework, a typical short-sighted whiner, or maybe a BASHER. Who knows? Doesn't matter anyway because I don't care!

    • Blah, blah, blah...Just substitute company XXX for IMX and I've heard/read it all before. Not one bit on what you posted means anything to me. The ONLY thing that matters is whether IMX has any prospect of ever selling their Trace product at a price that will earn them a profit. THis particular company has NOT demonstrated that. I posted something on this board about trace machines being sold and once again IMX was not included. Why?

      The long awaited "partnership" was finally announced. Who with? OSIS! A company with a very large footprint in the airline check-in business. OSIS walked away. Why?

      Wake me up when they sell something. Until then, this one is just another story/slash trading stock. The only time this SP will rise is when some underwriters conspire with management to try to sell more stock.

    • Good post Pom. I'm with you. The question to ask is "Who benefits?" If IMX succeeds who benefits? If it fails who benefits? To much trash talk on this board spurred by the stock price. If the price goes up or the price goes down which group of nuts is benefiting? For most of the people posting on this board it is all about Me, ME, ME and not about IMX. At least when you post it is about IMX.

    • >>>Somethings up<<<

      It certainly isn't the stock price. But the pumpers were telling me this was such great news! Then why is the stock price plummeting once again?? I just don't understand! Why-oh-why do we continue to believe the pumpers?? They've been wrong about this stock for 2-1/2 years running now! Gadzooks! Maybe Pom can open up her book of fairy tales and tell us a story! I like: "The Plan", "It's not our fault! (Blame it on something else)", "Revenues are up! (and so are the losses!)", "Orders are coming! (Soon!)" and "Only the Weak $ Wimpy (make the stock go down)". Those are my favorites. Tell us a story Pom! We're feeling down today, and one of your Fairy Tales will "Pump us Up". Yea!


      Your loyal flock, Sheeps #1 thru #6.

      • 2 Replies to inciteful_investor
      • Posters like you are a breath of fresh air to these YMB's. We've both been at this stuff for a while. Myself since shortly after 9/11 where I first encountered you and rhagen on the INVN board.

        My experience during that time has shown me that it is quite obvious that a new twist has been added to the pump and dump game since the birth of these message boards. That is, hedge funds plant posters using numerous screenames to populate the YMB's of company's with questionable potential. Their purpose is to dupe individual investors into buying and holding the stock. The format is always the same, each board has a jefe', in this case it's pomfretgirl. The jefe' is always an expert on the company and is a "Seasoned long term investor". They claim to own a large, buy and hold position in the stock. They personally attack any poster that persists in asking hard questions. They detest traders or shorts. They all have attack dog screen names that rec each others posts to emphasize that their opinion is the opinion of the majority.

        The entire time this is going on, the hedge funds they're associated with are 'wash selling' the price of the stock up and down and keeping the difference. The scheme works great until they run out of new suckers to buy or they finally short the stock into oblivion.

        A typical way to keeps the dupes from selling is to dangle a forthcoming "news carrot". More often then not, the news either turns out to be a disappointment or the SP drifts down so far, that when the news finally does hit, the pop from the news barely gets you back to even. In the meanwhile, the hedge fund is trading around the dupes frozen to their seats.

        I've seen this scenario on several boards now and it's always the same. It's always small, thinly traded, start-up or development stage company's that have never made a penny. I've never see it on companies that trade significant volume. The tactic doesn't work there because they can't 'guide the SP'.

        Keep up the good work and best of luck to you in the future.

      • I certainly hope your are not including me in the "pumper" group.

        low investor interest + low volume = anemic stock price

        Actually, I'm quite happy it is not dropping further.

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