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  • rikrichter2001 rikrichter2001 Feb 28, 2012 1:20 PM Flag

    New TSA Body X-Ray Scanner Controversy

    IMSC's Quantum Sniffers contain no radiation, do not grope and detect PETN, the #1 explosive used by al Qaeda:

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    • I heard on TV last night that last year TSA's x-ray scanners found 0 bombs, 128 cases of prostate cancer and 57,000 breast implants.

    • Maybe, just maybe, Congress can outlaw terrorism. That way we can board a plane on the volunteered information system. A ticket agent ASKS YOU, YOU CARRYING WEAPONS OR EXPLOSIVES?

      You answer, then you board. Simple. Cheap. SortaSafe!

      ( the TSA jumped after the undiebomber tried to strike...the question Congress should ask, why did you jump AFTER the fact, instead of before Undie tried to blow a plane out of the air)

      Then you have cargo...Congress mandated carrier inspections. TSA found some carriers doing falsified inspections...what a surprise that was. Who would have thought that the carriers employees, those guys, would stamp a form without doing the inspection!?!?!?

      Meanwhile, the eyes of the world saw that. And now what...< that is the question.

      AIT's aren't going away. The millimeter-wave scanner is already used by the TSA in airports in Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth and SF.Matter of fact, I think these milli-wave guys have the best lobbyists in the USA right now. Even odder, a couple of those same milli-wave lobbyists have cancer caused by X-Ray'in AITs in airports!!!!!!

      I like what Mexico's answer to the TSA AIT controversy, UPBUY! That's where we need to send a sales guy pronto. Mexico is at war with the mexi-mafia, drugs= their lifeblood. The 220 can solve alot of detection issues that NO AIT can address.


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