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  • johnfox188 johnfox188 May 4, 2012 11:05 AM Flag

    PR had no numbers just a bunch of BS

    I want this co. to succeed like most investors do..but I have to be honest and report what I see. The pumpers, on the other hand, are just a bunch of rah, rah, cheerleaders that hear and see no evil. has been talking about TSA approval for a long time but has not achieved TSA approval..whether they ever will is open to question..the market is very doubtful and that is why this is still a pink sheet stock...hopefully that will change but anyone with an ounce of sense will agree that it is getting long in the long, if ever will get a decent order that will get it out of the swamp.

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    • John---You are totally wrong about TSL...they don't sign CRADAs because they have time on their hands. They sign that particular agreement to move the product thru the toughest testing TOGETHER with the company that created the product. CRADA puts the TSA's intended use, with all the TSA's various field knowledge, into the lab to test run/work out and produce a final tweaked version that TSL approves and TSA wants to use. Think about PARTS PER sensitive is that? What does that mean to detecting a bom-mule? a bom-mule that spends 20 minutes in a cold shower, does the trillionth molecule escape and get captured by the 220?

      Consider, the companies DEBT is larger than its market cap, yet the stock is in 80s...almost no other company would get that kind of forward lean in the share price if there wasn't very high confidence that TSL/TSA use is coming for the 220.

      In the past, the 100-150-ETD Portal and the 300 went to TSA for testing and were never CRADA'd. Never. So they are dead, as far as TSA 's use. Not so with the 220. It is for real and so is the obvious certification.

      Its good to question things, remain skeptical, however, when the magic writing is on the wall right in front of you, phoney baloney posts should end so you can stop and read that writing correctly.



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