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  • johnfox188 johnfox188 May 10, 2012 11:14 AM Flag


    What ever you do don't sell your "shares"!<<

    I am not selling any of my shares, I am hoping for TSA approval..but it still has not come..question remains and that is WHEN will we get TSA approval or some decent size orders.

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    • The question has been asked and answered many many times. Glenn said in the last conference call the timeframe for TSA approval is May - August. It is only May 10 so very early in that timeframe he gave us. We don't know when it will be in that timeframe. No one on here is going to give you any other answer than that. And, IMSC undoubtedly has signed non disclosure agreements that prevent them from saying anything more than that even if they do know ahead of any formal announcement.

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      • That being said, in my opinion the hiring of a quality assurance person is a strong signal they are getting ready to ramp up to bigger volumes of orders. You would not need such a person if there continued to be a low volume of orders.

        The jumping ship of so many people from other much bigger companies is also a strong signal that something is going to change.

        All of this has been said many times here, so not sure why you keep asking this question as no one here can really give any other info that the above - or even this is based on some level of speculation but it seems to be a fairly educated guess.

        As with anything there's a degree of risk, and each person has to assess it for themself when they make their investment decision.

    • Well JF-HEY, that's the 35M$ question...but before you were born, TSL signed a CRADA agreement with IMSC...go look that up, then get your pump on. If you are too lazy to look it up, then you can no longer speak about IMSC and TSA cert. for QPL of ETD. < those letters are just for Y O U.


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      • Hey TD, been a long time, hope you are well.

        Still holding a few here, bought some at .35 just for the hell of it, and because I have always believed that this tech is pretty neat. Been long for well over a decade now, and have seen some interesting developments along the way, as I'm sure you have as well. Dr. A, where is he now?


    • Profit taking? is that why it backed off?

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