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  • posithinki posithinki May 10, 2012 11:08 AM Flag

    Get Lost John Fox

    Who do you think you are kidding? You don't own any of this stock. How stupid do you think we are. Trying to play the downside are you?????

    Didn't Tom tell you a little while ago "See you at the Paddle Club?" You need to go there and have a good stiff drink or 2 or 3. The time for all these games here is coming to a quick end.

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    • Bump!!

    • Your crystal ball is broken fox.

      You were only a dollar off. lol

      It must be tough being you. Always trying to make it look like you know what you are talking about. We know that not to be the case.

      IMSC is up approx. 35% since May 10th. You were very wrong.

      Don't get me wrong here fox, you are a goofball!! lol


      Hey Park, I'm hoping that what you say is 100% true...lets go forward and not retreat.

    • Then today would have been a perfect day for you to sell all your shares and buy them back when it goes back down to .50, was it not?

      Did you? If not, why not? You seem so sure of yourself.

      With a stock like one has to go with the story line..remember, they just made a bunch of new hires and they say they have the right product for the TSA..if they receive TSA approval, the stock will fly, if not the stock will flounder...I'm hoping they get approval and the stock will fly.

    • COME ON JOHN..stop pretending to be someone or fooling others & yourself..

      You know exactly whats going on


      GL MATE...PARK.

    • You were gone a long time John. I almost started to worry about you but then I realized you had a lot to discuss at the Paddock Club with your " Bud?" and all those ID's. Had to take a long time to discuss your strategy for tomorrow to get us to sell.

      Got to be running out of new tricks to fool us. After all we have seen "your and yours" selling at the bid or below at the open and then adjusting the price downward. Then of course, those little tricks at the close. Oh yeah, but you know we are on to you. Just keep one thing in your mind if you can. We have gone through enough BS in the past and have retained a lot. Do what you want, say what you want but get it through your head WE ARE NOT SELLING . As a matter of fact the little games played a few days ago allowed me to pick up 2,000 more shares at an unbelievable price. THANKS AGAIN

    • today is what they call a new 52 week high on volume<<

      Yes we are 8 times normal volume and that is very good..let's hope we now keep moving ahead and not give back our gains as we did from June of 2011 until today..let's move upward and onward.

    • today is what they call a new 52 week high on volume.

      you embarrass yourself.

    • Big deal, it was only at $1.13 for one day, and for most of the timeframe much lower than that.

      You are wrong again, it was $1.13 on June 2nd and June 3rd of 2011..get your facts straight before you mouth off.

    • Big deal, it was only at $1.13 for one day, and for most of the timeframe much lower than that.

      Most of us have bought shares at much much under a dollar.

      I think you are the one who needs a clue.

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