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  • divalebbu divalebbu Dec 11, 2012 4:37 PM Flag

    OK seriously, it's just that the time came and went

    that a reasonable person would think was enough time for tsa. Yes I know it's still perfectly possible for a positive outcome but the chance scale is ramping up of a complication of some kind. Even the most astute longs with the faith of children must be getting a little nervous.

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    • You have NO CLUE about anything which you spout off about. Get lost, SHORTY.
      If anybody is worried, its YOU. Worried that the next bathroom break will be when the PR drops.
      Then all the crap you spouted will land on your head. Nice picture developing.

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    • it sucks alright, #$%$ government #$%$, but I think the longer it takes chances are it's good. if there was a problem, they would have spit it out a long time ago. they just doing the punch list to get it dialed in perfect for their needs. do you not think all these other buyers have not tested these units before spending tons of money. of course they have tested them, but i'm with you, this #$%$ is crazy. I bought carpet at lowes last summer, I actually had to sign 12 papers, and I paid cash, to cover all the #$%$ #$%$. I didn't sign that many times when I bought the house I was putting the carpet in! so that's the way things are these #$%$ up days, so the news will come and it will pass, but hurry the hell up so I can go to Bahamas in jan!

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