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  • pensivepop pensivepop Jan 5, 2013 9:29 AM Flag

    A newcomer here smart enough to realize I know nothing../

    I will be tagging along here with all the posters learning as much as I can and even asking questions if you guys don't mind. I took a good-sized bath in a cheap stock some six months ago when the company suddenly went BK in the middle of the night so I am a bit scarred. Perhaps with your help here i can atone for that folly and once again walk into my bank without a bag over my head !

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    • Pensive---good name. Its good to ask questions and good to be skeptical...however, its sad to miss an opportunity when it is sitting on your lap.

      Make no mistake, the opportunity is large and so is the risk. Any company in debt needs a huge catalytic change to turn around their enterprise and Implant is in that exact situation.

      Plenty will use this nifty analogy: TSA cert. is to Security stocks, as FDA is to BIOs...but there is one key difference...TSA can also be a customer while the FDA can never be a customer.

      I own some IMX shares at price above where we closed on Friday. I also own a passel of IMSC shares way below we close on Friday. Why did I stick and stay w/ IMSC thru their darkest days? ( those days were the month or two preceeding the UNDIE bomber while awaiting the outcome of the India competition). Glenn Bolduc would be that reason. A great CEO who has the one character trait I admire the most in a leader-- NO GIVE UP. DO OR DIE, that's not to say he isn't brilliant, because he is and that's not to say he isn't a seasoned vet. because he is that too and that's also not to say he isn't the most honest CEO in the market today, because he is that too. But Glenn kept a team on the field when there were maybe 10 fans in the stands, Glenn kept that team moving while he borrowed money here, there and everywhere. He's DOG LOYAL and that just isn't a learned skill, its in his DNA!

      But a dog-determined CEO will only take you so far when the odds are stacked against you, as in the TSA had specs. they demanded for ETD products. WE ( IMX) didn't meet those specs. And WE decided to NOT meet those specs and just move past the TSA and sell product around the world.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • come on john really now?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • This is a 'catalyst' stock like an fda approval only the anticipated approval will be from the tsa for their product. I'm surprised the pps isn't higher because sales are good without approval. The chances for approval imho are better than your typical fda approval and a yes or no is expected this month. If it's no, the pps will go to .50 (but recover some) because this company will therefor have some debt worries. If it's yes it will double and then double again once many anticipated order roll in, imho. There is a lot of good dd on this board and much sincere but you decide. There is also attack dog eyes-in-the-headlights stock-glommers that will call you many things if you express skepticism about this stock. glta

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      • Thanks Diva for the up-front warning. If in my questioning I provoke that kind of anger, so be it because that is the way I learn. I am here because I have a sincere interest in the stock. If others are here just to have fun it is quite easy to separate the two and then use the ignore button. My first effort is to go back and study that so-called "12 million dollar loss" reported months ago. I am sure it is not a cash loss but an accounting of sorts but I will feel more comfortable if I clear that matter up.