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  • tmoore9361 tmoore9361 Jan 31, 2013 6:44 PM Flag

    Truth is

    There is not one long who is not somewhat disappointed.

    Why have the early announcement and call when there is nothing special to order.

    I am long and will stay that but I was excited about the call and it was nothing special...nothing really.

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    • In the last CC Glenn said "see you in 2 weeks when we announce earnings". Truth is some people were not paying attention, this CC and earnings report were not "early" as 2 weeks ago we were all told when it would be. No one said it would be anything but that except for those who were not listening and made it sound like it came out of the blue so therefore it HAD to be more than just an earnings announcement! Those who got all excited it was going to be some additional announcement have only themselves to blame for "reading the tea leaves incorrectly".

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    • its never enough, human nature. if i won 200 million powerball, i'd be #$%$ because i would only get probably60 million. what you expected from cc i don't know, revs were good. people want glenn to blow smoke up their #$%$, tell them what they want to hear, yeah we are going to sell $20 million next quarter, then if it does'nt happen, people blame him. UNDER PROMISE,OVER DELIVER. he don't know the sales coming. no one does. if you like the co. stick, if not, take off, out your money in designer wraps for smart phones or screen doors for submarines. i'm tired of defending.

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    • I told you guys to take a little off the table to reduce you sp average...BTW, also told you very nice people about TTNP

    • Where are the orders that were waiting to be announced?

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