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  • cqlink1 cqlink1 Feb 1, 2013 1:55 PM Flag

    Scared Money

    Drivel from longs and shorts is what this board is about. With a few exceptions, most (on both sides) actually believe ANYTHING said here influences PPS. Based on what is said on this lame board (again, with a few data driven excepttions), it is fairly easy to discern no one has the nuts needed to influence PPS one way or the other. Some of the virtually praying for positiv news is downtright sickening.

    Example: Idiots actually beliving yesterday CC was positive. Hello! The MARKET, not gibberish, said otherwise today.

    Conversely, shorts hanging on this site rarely, if ever, post facts to back their mindless claims. I'm sure some shorts have some kind of personality disorder.

    For those new here, take some good advice, stay away from from here if your are looking for anything remotely connected to quantitative analysis. Most folks here are craps table losers or those that count cars very well!!!! Scared money BS rules here!!!

    Adios and good luck in the casino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • This is nothing but BS by a short same old #$%$ statements " this is great, BUT..." BS and he has been called out. Now will change alias and come to his own defense. go away. Idiot

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    • Feel free to bash the shorts but why bash the longs. Just because they liked the cc and you didnt. I can appreciate the fact that you did not like it. Many here did not.
      Doubt your seeing the whole story here though.
      I am of the belief that Glenn did not go down to Florida to just mingle and drink martinis. Could be wrong but I think there is definately some action going on.
      Obviousy the cc could have waited as far as we are concerned but they wanted it out of the way for one reason and another. wouldnt surprise to hear about financing to fund materials for heavy new contracts.
      Of course they could get more done through DMRJ but at what price? maybe they are trying to look out for their share price by bringing in someone else at this point because thats whats best for share holders and the company. There are some other clues here as well but i am sure you have already seen and thought about those as well.
      If you believe Glenn used a rocket ship analogy to blow smoke up your skirt then you should sell. Maybe you should call hime before yo do as it will probably be a big mistake to miss this rocket ship ride.
      JMHO but dont bash the longs when many here have done nothing but tried to point new investors in the right direction to get good relevent info.

      PS if you have to bash at least apologise for your drunkeness and post. :)

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    • If you are so scared then you need to jump ship and hold on to your life support..not hold this stock just deal with your stupidity with ur brain damage while your are floating..

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    • well excuse us ole great one!

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