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  • bornfree76 bornfree76 Feb 1, 2013 10:54 PM Flag

    Intriguing thought

    many of these so called bashers could actually be Closet Buyers trying to get cheap shares for their portfolio. It wouldn't be the first time I witnessed it.

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    • I have said that and I have not doubt about it. Happens all the time. I saw it with sprint when it was down in the 2s. I swear goldman like to downgrade stocks just so they can get a discounted price on it. . remember that most can not ever be trusted.
      Imsc is a little different in that Many investors here have been here for quite a while. Even then you have to wonder if they have other names they use to bash with so they can continue to accumalate shares. But I will say that some of these longs have been some of the most helpful Ive seen on a yahoo board in a while.
      Thing is that in the end I really do not think its going to matter because when the big news hits it will be like big waves rolling in. If your short you will drown.Longs will be taken to much higher ground. But I can not see the logic in shorting here. The risk reward just doesnt make sense to me.
      Doesnt matter. Im long and happy to be here.
      The hand they show you says stop. The one underneath the table says keep em coming.

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    • delane y..these PEOPLE could be 1 of the gang who are behind this cheet manipulating the pps with imsc....amongst others...

      dont be fooled....ITS IS HAPPENING & THEY will be found out...i still stick to my theory but thse guys are possiblly involved..its very very obvious...

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    • Think you might have hit the nail right on the head bud. I never gave it a thought.

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