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  • andy30777 andy30777 Feb 8, 2013 1:41 PM Flag


    I strongly encourage any newbies here to refer this persons track record. He came here when imsc was in the 70 cent range, and was a cheerleader to get all of us to buy astc in the 1.25 range where it stayed for months. It's now under 90 cents and would be under 40 cents had the CEO not bought shares. One of the old astc longs called it perfectly. "I swear marsavian have you ever been right abôut anything?". Nothing has been proven to be more true and will continue to be.

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    • Yes Mars is talking to himself with his BFF as another ID. Check out the posts. Sometimes his BFF seems to make sense and most of the times he doesn't. It really is hard to play 2 different types of people. Sometimes you slip and forget to post like your other persona.

      Too funny. The thing to remember is these type of people would not be here with their claim of no agenda unless IMSC was a Company to be reckoned with. All the nonsense in the world posted here will not change that. Too bad for MARS/HISBFF/BEN/IMSC observer.

      BFF? ?????? Could Paris Hilton be having a resurgence on our board. NAH.

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    • Hey your volume is drying up which is bad news. When DMRJ next take an option dump you are going to feel it lol ! Hey didn't all you sad delusional fantasist pumpers promise $2-$7 share price numbers to all the new bagholders you created just before TSA approval ? What happened ? Did you instead profit at their expense selling your sub dollar shares to them ? That's what pump and dumpers do I suppose lol.

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      • Marsavian---DMRJ wants to make the most money on their HOLDING...maybe YOU might see that differently, but I am 99.99% sure that they DO want to make the most money.

        How can DMRJ do that?

        - don't sell a single share the pps will rise w/sales


        - don't sell a single share until a buyer steps in they max out the value of their holding

        Now, they could act like a drunken sailor ( that would be you) convert and dump shares in mass driving the price down and further devaluing any shares they are still trying to sell. NOPE- NOT GONNA DO THAT.


        You seem to have an inability to grasp the obvious. Ask JiffyFox if you can borrow his pointy hat...I think you will look good in it. Or at least better.

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    • Amen to that Andy.

      ASTC and MAS are one and the same. What a tard!!!

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      • All of us know they are one and the same. What kind of idiot talks back and forth to himself like that? The typical good cop/bad cop routine all played by the same person. Does he think we are all stupid or something? Notice the most outrageous things are always said as astcbuy3, who always backs up marsavian and worships him as some kind of god. Also you can almost always count on astcbuy3 to respond to marsavian within minutes (sometimes just 2 or 3) after one of marsavian's posts.

        Marsavian/astcbuy3 have ZERO CREDIBILITY on here, they should go back to their astc board where maybe some people believe what they have to say.

        They sure spend A LOT OF TIME on here for having no interest in imsc!

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