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  • johnfox188 johnfox188 Feb 13, 2013 1:18 PM Flag

    IMSC VS. ASTC...ASTC has a book value of $1.67...IMSC has a book value of -82 cents,,,ASTC has cash of

    5 million and 27 cents per share...IMSC has cash of 34K and zero per share cash. ASTC has debt of 6 million while IMSC has debt of 34 million. ASTC has just received giant orders, IMSC has received very small orders...all else aside, the numbers look a lot better for ASTC than they look for IMSC.

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    • ASTC's book value is all "tangible" too...meaning it's all PP&E and isn't inflated with any goodwill or inventory.

      I'm long both ASTC and IMSC and see compelling reasons to own both. They're not competitors like some here want you to believe.

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      • You will be very pleased to know the following from this quarter's earnings (much better than expected and showing real progress - next quarter is going to be a blowout):

        "Additionally, our 1st Detect business unit is achieving notable progress. We are seeing growing interest among equipment manufacturers who want to integrate our instrument into their product line. I am pleased with both our product development and commercial progress at 1st Detect," noted Mr. Kirkpatrick. "During the second quarter 1st Detect delivered two instruments, one to NASA/JSC and one to a development partner. We have a team of very talented and dedicated individuals who remain focused on meeting our customer commitments."

        Strong Buy on ASTC! Bet today is an up day on high volume!

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      • No one here that I know of has said they are competitors. What I and others wish for though is for all discussion of ASTC here to STOP, and move to the ASTC board where it belongs. Is that too much to ask? I have said many times they are not direct competitors. The amount of discussion here the past few days about ASTC has been nothing short of ridiculous, given that it is OFF TOPIC for this board.

    • ASTC also only has 19m fully diluted shares as opposed to the ~130m fully diluted here with about 3.5-4m of those residing with insiders. It's a powder keg waiting to explode with the right stimulus and it has had those in the past e.g. Sept 29th 2009.

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      • Marsavian, you are so correct, I did not take the time to make a complete list of the positives that ASTC has but they are many if people want to take the time to study. IMSC has many outstanding shares that were acquired by insiders for only 8 cents and they can dump them at any time for a very good profit. IMSC has failed to get big orders while ASTC has recently acquired big orders. ASTC's cash postion is 1700 times better than IMSC's cash position,,,if IMSC does not quickly get any big orders or get acquired by a While knight it will soon be history.