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  • posithinki posithinki Mar 1, 2013 9:49 AM Flag

    Accumulate while you have the chance

    Any buy under $2 will be shown to be the best decision you ever made. We got a big tell yesterday with the loan extension terms. 8 new job postings, many for manufacturing .....point to the orders they know are coming.

    Don't be a fool and listen to the paid bashers and flippers. They accept chimp change. The only way to amass a fortune here is to accumulate and ignore the minute to minute manipulation going on here.

    FYI flippers don't do due diligence so they will never have the confidence to buy in the amounts you will amass by doing your due diligence, buying in increments and holding.

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    • people should realize that you work for the company...

    • Flippers? I mean, those having shorted yesterday around 1.22/1.25 can't wait that much, the risk being too high and the reward as paltry as they are. These yelpdouches stonecasters busted clones popping xhit with this wonderful American company, they are working in a range of non-reality based possibilities pretending to control fraud,but things could get very ugly as their bad designs are about to have exponential consequences.
      Yesterday they shorted 145,681 shares out of 332,710, a whopping 43,79% against the DMRJ refi, against 8 job postings on the company's website, against the leader in ETD technology, against McGann and his team, against TSA. Paid liars, investors have to know the market behind the price, expecially when the price is desperately used to mislead. Ther will be blood, despite the useful idiots doubting it, as the day of reckoning for these losers, intentionally attempting to destroy this American company's reputation is here.

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      • Private Investor...Okay. That’s critical. Now, Darryl again, this is addressed more to Darryl because he’s out there trying to sell. Have you seen any division of competitive activity, because they don’t have certification, I mean, they have certification, but that’s going to run out soon, has that impacted the competition and the buyers?
        Dr. Darryl Jones - Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing
        It’s greatly impacted the competition. We’ve actually – it’s exciting to watch, if you will, because we’ve actually caused the stir in the industry, because now the customers have a choice, they can go for the approved technology with the latest standard, or they can go with the older technology, with the oldest standard.
        Unidentified Analyst

        Dr. Darryl Jones - Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing
        And, so it’s great in there, greatly concerned, because they see that the customer lighting up, if you will, when they see our products, especially when we do the demos and the trials. They’ll see our product and when you compare the two, it’s basically kind of no comparison to them. So they have, yes, they have definitely gotten concerned about us.

        Unidentified Analyst
        Thanks. The last one, related question is how are margins holding up since we now are the only ones that have met the new standards has that made a difference in our profitability per unit?

        Dr. Darryl Jones - Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing
        It’s interesting, because our value prop has – is the thing that selling. It’s not a margin game at this point in time. It’s not a price. Now, let just drive down the price. It’s really, they like the kind of product that we’ve put together. I mean, we have a large touch screen interface, we have automatic internal calibration, rapid clear down, that’s the kind of stuff that’s making them want to buy our product....
        Conference Call April 11, 2013 4:15 PM ET

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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