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  • divalebbu divalebbu Mar 8, 2013 1:22 PM Flag

    Someone correct me if I am wrong but I can't understand how an explosive can be

    detected by an inspector seeing an xray 'picture' of luggage. An explosive can be one of a million physical forms impossible to distinguish from all the infinite possibilities of other adjacent object's features. What do they think they are going to see a bugs bunny bomb like bundled dynamite sticks with a burning fuse? ETD in my view is essential.

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    • Think density...everything has one. Explosives have known densities within recognizable shapes, think a stick or a wad...Software alerts the operator that an object exists of similar density and or unrecognizeable shape...they search the luggage etc and swab the owner.

      ETD is NOT really a layer in passenger, its an alternate because when they threw away the #$%$ portals
      ( NOT IMX"S), they stopped high thru-put ETD as a layer.

      Its our opportunity to build something to capture 100% of the ETD layer. We have the A- Team working on it. When PRIME posts, think of him as B.A. Barakus ( the Mr. T. character), " I pity the terrorist that tries to sneak a stick of dynomite thru my LAYER!"

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      • Around 8 years ago I was doing random searching on Qanats which are ancient Iranian underground aqueducts. Just one of those interesting things worth spending 10 minutes on. Came across something like FarsiNet dot 143544465 website. I have no idea what the real domain name was anymore. Just a random number website at what was then the biggest Persian blogging website. Lots of good things on Qanats and ancient Persian history on this very long single page site. Everything was 100% Persian related At the bottom of this very long page was a peculiar completely out of context news article from some Colorado newspaper about two guys that were picked up wandering on the freeway close to the Eisenhower tunnel in the middle of a snow storm. Then it cut to a description of the Eisenhower tunnel. This was obviously a target assignment site that could be activated with just the number sequence and a few choice words. Don't remember the site but I reported this to Homeland Security at their website. There are good Persians and then there are bad Persians. Both are living in the U.S.

        After encounters like that you start taking homeland security very seriously. That's why even though I am a bit conservative I am all in favor of terminal drone use in the U.S. - at least for now. Picture noiseless drones sampling the air and surfaces around a suspects home then delivering that for IMSC systems analysis in a van down the road. Maybe they're close to doing that now. They call me Mr. की now - wear your hardhat well.

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    • no really I want the research fella's opinion on this for real.