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  • eye_noticed eye_noticed Mar 17, 2013 4:45 PM Flag

    Just on fox again

    Did not see the previous clips but this one had a guy pooh poohing the sniffer because it doesn't solve the problem due to its one by one by one nature.

    I thought the piece was pretty good....but was hoping for more after reading this mornings posts

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    • On Fox again. Great little segment. Key phrase that will peak investor interest was of course "non-radioactive" It would not be difficult in the least for Implant to add radiation "detection" as an option. If Implant allies with a larger company it won't be a problem putting together a large conveyor system that can check a package every 3 seconds or so.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • That security expert guy seemed to me to be talking about the technology in general scanning one by one... Or at least I thought that is more what he was saying and that there was no way to inspect all cargo right now. Someone should have asked him (not even sure he is TSA, have to rewatch it) then how do they propose to conform to the 100% scanning rule?

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      • A slightly more detailed summary: Starts off by saying air passengers may not know it, but they often are sitting on top of air cargo that at present is not being 100 percent scanned for explosives and one company thinks they have a solution. Shows the B220 alarming on TNT and then has an interview with Glenn who explains explosive trace detection. After that some old guy who is a "security expert" (don't think he is TSA and he looks about 75 years old!) says he does not think current technology can scan 100 percent of cargo as it has to scan cargo one at a time! Then they ended with saying IMSC has sold many units to Europe, Asia, and Africa and has had "at least one sale to a US customer". That is accurate but unfortunately there have been several sales to US agencies now, but doesn't really matter. I have to watch again and capture exactly what Glenn said.

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