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  • lnsideoutsideupsidedown lnsideoutsideupsidedown Mar 17, 2013 7:49 PM Flag

    Fox News Transcript

    This is a pseudo transcript.. Some points verbatim some paraphrased, but I believe it's complete.
    Airport Security Screening - Approved new device.

    Arthel Neville - Fox Reporter
    -Passengers may be sitting above cargo that was not checked properly.
    -Quantum Sniffer approved in Jan to detect dangerous packages.
    -Detects traces of known explosive and chemical compounds
    -Alerts screeners

    Glenn Bolduc - Implant Sciences CEO
    -Threat of terrorism is to disrupt our way of life. They can't beat us in a war, but can disrupt our way of life.
    -Our job is to make sure our lives aren't disrupted.
    -Uninspected cargo on airplanes is potentially dangerous.

    Arthel Neville - Fox Reporter
    -Freight industry has had problems complying with federal mandate that all packages on planes be screened.
    -Expert's concerns still exist over this technology's ability to detect explosive devices in the millions of packages shipped.

    Charles Slepian - Aviation Security Expert
    - It's a mobile/desktop equipment that apparently checks one package at a time.
    - There are thousands and thousands of packages every just can't do it rapidly enough.

    Arthel Neville - Fox Reporter
    - The device is being used overseas in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Europe. US companies are showing interest with at least one unit already shipped.

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    • Insideout-- Big credit to FOX NEWS...if the flying public looks out the their windows while luggage is loaded, they will notice a little cart roll up with boxes etc...that's what we are talking about, that's what FOX exposed. Its the open window in the secure castle called a flying IED or 737 etc. THAT WINDOW HAS TO BE CLOSED AND CLOSED QUICKLY AND CORRECTLY.

      If you look at what's working, its INTELL and DRONES/TECH...we have a spot in the TECH facet of what works.

      I hope everyone listened to Director Pistoles C-SPAN testimony. It was very very very telling. The TSA admitting that THEY DIDN'T SEE THAT ONE COMING. If I was running that hearing, I would be less worried about budget and more worried about CREATIVITY AND A FULL-ON ETD LAYER BOTH IN CARGO AND PASSENGER. And hats off the the RED TEAM for doing their job.


      The guesssing game as to who bought some 20-30 150s, FBI? SS? DHS-Border Ops!!!! TSA!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You can check more than one package at a time. When you get a flag on multiples you do an elimination detail.

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