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  • tdcomm2 tdcomm2 Apr 11, 2013 12:29 PM Flag

    Large order? Open ended contract?

    Whatever it is, the company is locked down tight. So they don't want to jade anything before the ink was dry, thus a CC.

    But LONGS know, its a biggie. A real biggie. Likely to a private company BUT an open ended order to the TSA is right up there, neck and neck coming down the home stretch--its FEDX by an 1/8 of a length, TSA makes their move, its a rebuild of a whole new passenger ETD layer--its UPS worldwide...could be any number of big events.

    We know this, the company had entered a silent period about 10 days ago...that tips it toward the Uncle Sam.

    Its great to get that Christmas AM feeling again! What did Claus,Santa put under the tree...?

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    • Are we forgetting another possibility? A reverse split and an uplisting. I hate reverse splits so I am hoping this is not what the CC is about. Your thoughts please.

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    • Tdcomm2. I share your sentiment and optimism. However, it seems the volume would be much higher today since most of the time, the privied always know whats going on ahead of time. This volume makes me think the CC may only be an update and will cover a lot of potential in the works. Hope I am wrong, but the volume is too low for a significant material event. Of course, the trading day is not over yet. I picked up 2K shares today below 1.10. That is a good price regardless of what is covered on the CC this afternoon. GLTA

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      • Think! SILENT PERIOD. 10 DAYS. Who demands that? Of course, it certainly could be a co-incidence- that no news was available to distribute during those 10 days...but I DOUBT IT! Silent periods are a tell.

        Also think about this, because we've had a silent period, those dam short-moles have popped out of their holes spewing many LONGS froze, held on, but froze. Why was the company so silent...? Could those dam moles be right? NOPE.

        Silent periods are like your best pointer, it freezes and aims its nose EXACTLY where the pheasant is! And today, the role of the pheasant will be played by a MOLE. A short-mole. Bu-bye mr. MOLE!

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