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  • gatormatt1 gatormatt1 Apr 11, 2013 5:53 PM Flag

    why todays call could've been good, but turned out bad

    By not putting out a PR regarding the reason for the call, IMSC let everyone's minds wonder what it could be and create expectations. If they had simply said the call would be a status update, we wouldn't have felt this call to be a letdown & I think actually this call would have been mostly taken away as a positive.

    What we did learn:
    - They have had several RFQ's
    - Our pipeline in Russia seems to be growing by the day
    - Glen doesn't seem to be particularly worried about the debt situation, was almost overly confident speaking on this
    - Glen played college basketball (doesn't affect stock price, but I would pay money to see video of this)
    - If no other companies get approval by the time the grandfathers of other companies approvals expire, IMSC will be the only viable option for ETD under TSA guidelines.

    The biggest takeaway for me though was the fact that the industry didn't take them seriously before the approval. Basically they were being led on by potential customers, who are just not seriously considering IMSC for purchase. While it is worrisome that they could have misread the industry that badly, this does explain the lack of sales since approval.

    I love the fact that they took the time to hold a conference call like this, but the execution was poor. They should have laid out the topics for the call in the press release this AM, instead of letting expectations run rampant. I definitely expect a big hit to PPS tomorrow, my guess is we land in the .90-1.00 range. I hope this isn't misconstrued as a bash, I am long IMSC and have been since October. I have added to my position 4 times since then. If you truly believe in the company(like me), the best play is to just keep waiting as the sales will come.

    I would love to hear what other peoples takeaways were from the CC


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    • This is what they announced in the current press release

      "to provide a company update to our investors."

      Compare this to what they announced in the press release leading to the TSA approval CC.

      "to provide an update to our investors on recent developments"

      Subtle...but it was there. There was nothing of material announced today, so nothing to put into a press release.

    • Longer wait than I expected for sales, because I heard in last CC ther were sales lined up. Integrity had to have taken a hit. Slow growth may cause PPs to drop and stay down until a big order comes in, if one ever does. Not a basher have been long for 3 years.and this is most honest CC so far, to me

      Sentiment: Hold

    • This was a good update call and was necessary. I could care less what these dingdongs say about PPS and where it is going. I am invested in a growth company with tremendous upside - period.

      Also, the company DID reference this as an update call, as taken from the PR:
      Management will host a conference call on Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 4:15 PM Eastern time to provide an update to investors.

      I know you are a long but you are falling into the rhetoric trap(s) from a bunch a 10 share shorters. Move on and feel confident about your investment. Things are proceeding nicely.

      • 1 Reply to tomas15237
      • "Provide and update to investors" is such a broad sweeping statement that it could mean anything. They should have been more specific on the nature of the call, to avoid the mass hysteria that comes with unknown.

        That said, I agree that the call was necessary and good. I just think this was a public relations mistake in how they approached it and the PPS is gonna wear it. While I am holding regardless, I would like to see the PPS not get crushed due to something controllable.

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