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  • tdcomm2 tdcomm2 Apr 11, 2013 6:04 PM Flag

    No competition, clear pathway to sales, NEW products/certs!'s NOT today, it will be TOMORROW.

    Recap, one of the big 4 freighters will be a buyer, near term.

    Glenn certainly expects to exceed 30M$ in sales this calender.

    The deal pipeline is robust. Six tenders forming up.

    New products and new submissions for TSA certs.


    Imo, it was a wasted call. Due ONLY to short/basher cheesebaggers who made some LONGS far too nervous.


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    • No one, but no one, buys this equipment unless compelled to by a regulatory authority.

    • Good post td. I agree, it is too bad the fear mongering forced the company to make the conference call. However, upon reading the transcript and looking at some things said by both Dr. McGann and Dr. Jones, some interesting/useful information was put out there for those who choose to look at it, and not just listen to the rantings of some of the bashers on here.

      I agree about "walk of faith across the diligence bridge". If you have done your due diligence on the company, you know the company's plans and you know the company is still moving forward in the correct direction.

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      • Fred it wasn't fear mongering. Management's expectations were wrong and this was conveyed to investors. They thought they were in play for the 2012 mandate (or it's fall out), which turned out not to be the case and customers passed Implant by. Did bashers jump on this disconnect? Absolutely, but Management set up the expectation. In yesterday's CC they admitted as much, confirming customers are compliant with the 2012 mandate as well as Glenn's quote below.

        "And what that told me was lot of people while they were listening to the story we were talking about and they weren't investing the time into the thing that we thought they were."

        After approval, management thought the pipeline was ripe and ready to harvest, but that was not the case. They still needed to do some cultivation. But Long term this doesn't change much and the tables are now turned. For the 2012 compliance, Implant was bypassed due to lack for TSA approval but the same should be true for the non approved competitor products, when the new TSA specs are fully in play Jan 2014. And this is significant. None of the grandfathered equipment is sufficient to meet TSA mandates as of Jan 2014. This currently leaves Implant as the only solution in play for this space.

    • TD. I thought the call was unnecessary but management handled it well and management did eat a little crow just with the need to hold the call. You never want to be in a position where you've allowed investor expectations to get out of hand. But they did the right thing in order to reset expectations (that's probably a hard thing to do). It was partially their own fault for setting expectations too high. It wasn't just the shorts. I personally believe management didn't expect some orders to take so long. Realize they have shifted from Dec 2012 mandate to Jan 2014 specifications as the sales driver. Originally it was Dec 2012, then it was the fallout from Dec 2012 mandate (those not complying) to now targeting the 2014 new specifications with no impact of Dec 2012 mandate. This is an obvious shift to their talk as it's apparent most companies are compliant with the 2012 mandate based on the Q&A. Additionally, previous calls mentioning "ready to order with cash in hand" as well as numerous other optimistic comments on impending sales added to the investor heightened expectations of a quick conversion of the pipeline.

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      • "This is an obvious shift to their talk as it's apparent most companies are compliant with the 2012 mandate based on the Q&A."

        This was apparent at the time in 2012 but longs would not hear of it.

        " I thought the call was unnecessary"

        DMRJ probably wanted more trading liquidity which they achieved today and no doubt tomorrow too.

        "You never want to be in a position where you've allowed investor expectations to get out of hand."

        Unless you want your share price higher than it otherwise would be with the truth.

      • Inside--agree on that. Mgt. did a good job on an unnecessary call. Your right, managing expectations is a problem of their own doing, but unknowingly so. I try to gauge investor sentiment here daily and its hard to say from hour to hour. Everything is magnifyied here in the "pit".

        At the end of it all, the take aways were good to hear. I think Daryl made it worthwhile by working on deals while he was "on" the call. LOL.

        But this is a small company, so any time they take to disrupt their days to speak to investors defuses focus and execution...hard to put that on a scale against what was achieved.
        So "it" was not today. But tomorrow definetly!

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      • If things seem slow now for sales, it could just pick up faster than we feel is an appropriate time frame. And that is what I got from this CC...the pipeline is filling up and if it explodes I just hope they can meet the demand and deliver the product on time.

        Did not anyone hear Dr. B say he was on his phone doing a deal while trying to keep up with the CC?

        It's a whole different game now. All that chatter about quick gains on certain news, possibilities, possibilities....grow up, sell half your position and go find another quick buck company.This is a real company doing just fine, and will pay off soon enough.

        Stop wasting your time and the real long term investors who have a more mature approach to investing. This is an A+ American made company to a real service for the country and the world to make it a safer place to travel.

        Bottom line this is to good of a company for you, and nobody wants your tainted money fouling up what is taking place here!

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    • 30mil sales in one year is not great, even though we are probably less than %mil to this point

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