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  • dk1949 dk1949 Apr 15, 2013 4:01 PM Flag

    Are we THAT greedy?

    Come on guys...I want to make money as well as the next guy but to jump up and down because there was a possible terrorist bombing in Boston and this stock may go up because of it.. People may be seriously injured or dead and I for one do not rejoice in this. We should be thinking of those people and not of our pockets at this time.

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    • I can appreciate your point. It is a sad day. And if anything this has thrown a bit of a monkey wrench in my plans. Fact is our money supports a company and its technology to prevent this trajedy. Even worse is this is implants home town. I bet Glenn is sick right now knowing his tech could have stopped this.
      I dont think this rally will last unless tv coverage and orders happen. Both of which could happen. You think Fox would like to know that Implant is right there and could have stopped this?
      Like I said I appreciate your voice of concern but we did not do this, in fact the long longs have helped prevent many of these incidents worldwide with their continued support of IMSC. This is the business you and I have decided to invest in. And I am proud to say I have. It is a day like today that makes me think I will always be a shareholder of Implant.
      Peace be with you and take no guilt or regret from today. Our only regret is that we could not get our tech out there in time to stop this.
      My prayers and condolences go with the victims and their families tonight

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    • Nobody is jumping up and down...far from it, basically, shareholders in IMSC know that our products SAVE LIVES and prevent acts like this. Nobody is happy about a terrorist act. NOBODY.

      But IMSC shareholders have a right to be outraged at the failure to act when terrorism is present and clearly dangerous. The ave. US citizen approachs terrorism like taxes, on the day its due, I'll worry about it.


      It remains to be seen how this will be prevented in the future, but do not doubt, the perps will hang for this.

      Bin Laden, the paranoid that he was, knew the US was coming for him, he just didn't know the day. Same for all the murdering towelies-- there day is coming due.

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      • Very well said Td. I think we all knew this was more than possible. And Everyone here knew that if there was any terror attack like this Implant share price would go up. That does not mean we rejoice or are happy about the circumstances. It is what it is and that is just the way it is.
        Take care.

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      • Well said. We have the technology to save lives. It is asinine that this technology exists and isn't deployed throughout.

      • Speaking of taxes, i would venture a guess since it is the 15th this is going to be home grown terrorism as opposed religious fundamentalists. Anyone who profits off this will get bad karma down the line-best believe. I'm certain all IMSC staff and principals are heartbroken as not only is it in their backyard, it quite possibly could have been avoided with their tech deployed. Yes, it does bring attention back to ETD like the underwear bomber, hopefully it will accelerate the process that prevents some of these in the future. I have said on here for years it's dumb luck we haven't lost more people since 911, this country is full of cells, either autonamous of otherwise. This is the world we live in, it isn't going to change in our or our childrens lifetimes. If this had been a PETN large scale device, there would have been a hole where that finish line was and dramatically larger loss of life.

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    • agreed, long-IMSC and this is not how I wanted to make money...It does bring hope that maybe a IMSC product could've prevented this...sad day

    • Whoever has voted thumbs-down on dk1949's post above, please post your names so I can put all of you on ignore. Idiots.

    • #$%$ loser. Nobody here is jumping up and down. It will bring attention to the fact IMSC has a product that can SAVE LIVES. If it was in place in Boston today, it could have made a difference.

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    • you could sell shares and donate money.

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    • Thumbs down? You people make me sick. This will be my last post as you all are subhuman as far as I am concerned.

    • Absolutely. Could NOT agree more.

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