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  • malcolm10th malcolm10th Apr 26, 2013 7:31 AM Flag

    End Game to Bashing

    Have a thought from a different perspective.

    Those attempting to bash and create havoc for IMSC are playing a dirty game. Look at some of their garbage and incesant lies posted every day trying to create dobut.... "Industry losing faith in IMSC" "Downgrade" Strong Sell" Though some of these stooges may only be plants for competitors, I firmly believe the end game also served, is also serving terrorists wanting to kill us.

    Make no mistatke, CEOs making the decisions to buy Implant's technology want to see a stable company backing the claims of TSA for the products on the list. They do much the same due diligence as owners of common stock and debt. Sure, I am invested long in IMSC and want it to do well. But if we, as a corporate entity tread water for an extended length of time caused by uncertainity created from worthless bashers, more Americans are at risk, and are going to die if terrorists gain leverage because of the basher's actions.

    To Bashers: ...In the event we have another 911 or several airliners are brought down.... full of mothers, daughters, fathers and sons... think what part you may have played in delaying full deployment of Implant's technology. If your first reaction to this statement is amusement, may God give you a little of his grace when you realize maybe you could have helped prevent disaster instead of actually fueling it.

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    • This one's for you Petie, at least now I know who's paying Pompano.
      I guess every country has their homegrown POS.

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    • With the exception of pompagirl I believe you all have valid points. Bashers are just lazy no nothings looking to instill fear and collect pennies. The terror and stability issues go hand and hand with both investors and potential customers. Then you have the shorts that make very little with the pps being this low and the drops not very significant . If you believe as I do that we have a very useful product that can save lives and make everyones lives safer and less intrusive than ignore the fools, buy on the dips and hold on a little longer. The bashers for what ever reason they are here means we have something great in the works, JMHO.

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    • Well Malcolm, rats are dirty little critters so this paid pompano posse fits right in. No conscience of right
      Or wrong, just want their nickel posts to add up to a few dollars a day, I guess it keeps them off the streets.

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    • LOL. no one except a handful of people with too much time on their hands read stock message boards, and certainly not CEOs of busy companies. these boards are for entertainment purposes only.

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      • 1 Reply to emoney33_8
      • I can't speak for Malcolm but my take on what he was saying is not that the CEO's are necessarily reading a message board but they probably are looking at the stability of the PPS signaling the confidence by the financial community in the fate of the Company.

        What these bashers are doing here is to get the long term stockholders to sell their stock in fear to take down the PPS or play the flipper game with them to take down the PPS. The more they do this the more doubt they create among investors and CEO's looking to make a critical decision. If anyone has doubt, they are going to do more investigating than what is normally required. That's when an astute and well seasoned sales force comes into the picture. They know how to read the customers statements and thoughts and assure them without a extended discssion period. All this adds time to the selling cycle though . The bashers are well aware of this and this is why they continue. They want their game to continue and it can't if the sales keep rolling in quickly.

        By the way, this is nothing new to the business community. All small up and comers face this and the strong, determined like IMSC survive to become the leaders.

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    • Sorry guys I don't buy into this argument. To imagine that the bashers comments on a Yahoo msg board has any affect on a corporate executive's decision to buy an IMSC product is not believable. In fact if the bashers blatant lies affect the investment decision of an individual investor that person has no business investing.

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    • Well said Malcolm, and thanks for posting. I have nothing to add but I agree with what you wrote in this post 100%. Very well stated, especially regarding the risks of terrorism increase if basher's actions cause harm to IMSC's efforts to get its product out there.

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