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  • disconnected6060842 disconnected6060842 Sep 4, 2013 11:08 AM Flag

    Outsourcing Manufacturing

    IMSC moved into a larger facility but is now outsourcing manufacturing. Interesting development. Are they doing this because they were unable to ramp production quickly enough to meet anticipated orders? Anyone have a different read on this?

    WORCESTER, Mass., Sept. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Coghlin Companies was contracted by Wilmington, Mass.-based Implant Sciences Corporation to manufacture the Quantum Sniffer QS-H150 handheld explosives trace detector. This explosive detector was used to protect the more than 600 people who attended the birthday celebration of Queen Elizabeth II at the British Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in June.

    "We work closely and transparently with Implant Sciences Corporation to build their product to their tight specifications," said Chris Coghlin, president and CEO of Coghlin Companies. "Our ability to meet product design challenges, scale production, and test highly sensitive instruments, while simultaneously getting our customer to market rapidly is why Implant Sciences looks to Coghlin."

    Quantum Sniffers are used for VIP security in various settings around the world and are often times recognized as the product of choice to protect high-profile guests at events. "When producing sensitive detection instruments, we need a manufacturing partner who can provide the proper testing and manufacturing in a highly secure and ISO compliant environment," said Implant Sciences' President and CEO Glenn Bolduc. "Coghlin Companies is the right choice for manufacturing our explosives trace detectors."

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    • Two things come to mind: B-220 is taking up alot of room in the new plant and SO it should!

      BUT R&D/Prototyping needs room also. IE, the Hx needs its very secure/private place, the conveyor/b220 system and lordy lordy, lets bring out the PORTAL TO END ALL OTHER ETDS!!!!

      This is a huge, should there be a doubter, a basher, a malcontent-- be warned, you are toast dropping into the hot-slot.

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    • bmp?

    • There was an engineering opening around 1 year ago for somebody to work on motion systems - probably something like a portal and or a whole lot of 220's. A portal with decent sales will take up 10 times the manufacturing space a 150 does. They are keeping their new equipment manufacturing close at hand.

      Around 2 years ago one of the Veeps said that Implant was an ETD and "sensors" company. The best place to put quite a few 10,000$ ETD sensors is in large tunnels that people would pass through - without stopping.

      Do a Bingoogle search on "New airport scanner which will take just five seconds - the telegraph"

      “Normal travellers” would also have their shoes scanned automatically and pass through an explosive trace detector.

      Article has a great video on this.

      Right about now is when contracts would be announced. It could be that now Implant's ETD sensors are the only ones capable of making this Billion dollar tunnel effort happen.

      You can't have these tunnels without capable explosives detection and vortex trace collection nozzles. Only Implant has these.

      These tunnels are a requirement to support the huge increase in air traffic coming.

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    • ctruman Sep 4, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

      They may be using all their manufacturing space for the B220, and contracting out the 150.

      QS-B220 sales are what this company is going to be about for the next couple of years IMO and they probably need all their manufacturing space for the cargo/TSA orders they know will come once qualification is achieved.

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