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  • memtiger81 memtiger81 Sep 18, 2013 5:35 PM Flag

    Implant also part of trade mission to Saudi, etc. 9/29-10/2

    Google "Implant Sciences"

    U.S. Commercial Service
    Trade Mission to
    Saudi Arabia
    and Kuwait
    Riyadh and Kuwait City
    September 29—October 2, 2013

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    • It is important to remember than IMSC's products funtion at higher operating temperatures than the competition (104 degrees Farenheit vs 134 degrees farenheit) This coupled with the design that works especially well in windy, sandy environments and SELF ADJUSTING if the environment changes, makes them partiicularly attractive for use in desert climates

      We have already seen multiple orders from Saudi Arabia and Africa to protect criticle infostructures and VIP's. Expect more. The Saudi Royal Family is well aware of the dangers from explosives and they have the money to make sure these type of products are purchased. This is a great venue for us to showcase our products to many entities there..

      With the relatively small number of shares that are outstanding here, just imagine if one of those princes takes a shine to our small company. Priceless as they say..........

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    • ctruman Sep 18, 2013 6:37 PM Flag

      "Implant Sciences is the leader in next generation
      Explosives Trace Detection (ETD), an established
      counter-terrorism technology; providing explosives
      and drugs trace detection solutions. Our technology
      is crucial to protecting major airport, oil and gas, and
      key infrastructure projects in KSA and Kuwait. IMSC
      products can be used stand-alone, or fully integrated.
      Our partner, Building Defence Systems (BDS) offers a
      full range of physical and software security products
      and has relationships with Saudi Aramco, Bahrain
      Petroleum Co., and the Ma’aden Aluminum project
      in KSA, etc. The QS-B220 is TSA-Approved and is a
      designated Anti-Terrorism Technology by the U.S.
      Department of Homeland Security under the
      SAFETY Act.

      Mission Goal
      To develop relationships with key decision makers at
      airports and port agencies, oil and gas infrastructure
      installations, and military/defense agencies."

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