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  • taxslave70 taxslave70 Oct 1, 2013 9:53 PM Flag

    The only bad news is

    I think we will be bought out long before we could see a really big run up. This company is on the verge of becoming a HUGE player in the detection market. With our products and patents in place with a demand for both we are on more than one companies radar im sure. Trust me it could become a bidding war early next year. GE or Smiths morphs and more im sure. Products plus demand = $$$$$ in one way or another. Like the old saying if you cant beat them "join/buy" them. 130k shares strong. Have a great evening Good days to come

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    • In 2001 the Barringer Ionscan was widely used in airports for trace detection following 9/11. Smith's detection bought them out. Within a few years baggage scanners and x-rays became the preferred method of detecting explosives in baggage and cargo. Welcome to 2013.

      Buying out IMSC means owning the $40 million debt.

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      • But your missing the most important We have 17 patents that will become very valuable they didn't. Welcome to 2013 x-rays = radiation which as you know they are getting away from. Before you spout out anything else like I was speaking of baggage well employees work all around the baggage area. They are the ones that want to do away with radiation equipment.

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      • Excellent assessment ! I benefitted from the sale of Barringer Technologies way back when and hope to do as well with IMSC... What many conveniently forget is the two (2) half BILLION dollar awards to Smiths and Morphos earlier this year... Even with the impending expiration dates of their technology at the fore front, GSA committed to both deals... In spite of IMSC technology, cost factor, and "made in USA" branding, what is the likelihood of GSA granting ANOTHER major contract to the new kid on the block ? I am wishful as well, however common sense tells me IMSC NEEDS TO FOCUS on new clientele and let the USA live with
        the consequences of their ridiculous commitment to foreign suppliers and inferior, outdated, technology...
        I believe IMSC GETS IT when their sales program focuses on potential end-users OUTSIDE the USA !

    • Overall I perceive the CC as very encouraging and positive. All the good news have been already summarized in different threads. Here are however some points which could be a bit more positive, at least for me:

      1. No uplisting to nasdaq for another 2-3 years.
      2. Company still in deep red, waiting for green quarter earnings report which may be sometime 3Q 2014
      3. No buyout- I think this is actually positive news as management clearly stated that they are not interested and do not think about any buyout at this stage.

      So basically many new investors are a bit scared that IMSC is in net loss and they are not clear about the position of DMRJ et cetera et cetera. What I think is that IMSC is on the road to become a solid company with significant market share. This however may take time, but as I stated few times before, this is a classic example of a company that I have bought and intend to hold forever. Schranz out!

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    • You never know what will happen in regards to a buyout.I agree that it will eventually happen. If I were to guess it would be L-3. It just makes sense to me and I know they've visit the company several times in the past. I'm sure the deal would be contingent on keeping the same staff, and having it run as a subsidiary.

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    • One of my stocks put a poison pill in place to make it very costly for a company to buy them out. I am surprised that Glenn has not done that.

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    • Got any guesses?
      I think DMJR will hit the door at 6-7
      They own 40%

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      • I doubt all these folks left their bloated former digs, with all their stock options,to join a company trading on an OTC exchange at a buck with zero track record, only to go back to work for their former bloated firms in a year or two. I think they run with this on their own all the way to ETD kingpin.

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