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  • hum14jbird hum14jbird Nov 15, 2013 9:11 AM Flag

    Glenn hire a consultant and sell the company

    The sales this quarter are terrible. One order getting pushed back is your excuse. Take those units and sell them to the orders in the "5 million" worth of orders in the backlog. I really dont know what is going on. How many sales people are working for this company, this is all they have to show for it time to get rid of the extra weight.

    Do these contracts not have ship by or ship on this date in them. This company seems to have major problems with getting orders out, for example the India order, in which they gave them a huge discount due to shipment problems.

    Make a contract with a shipment date, ship the orders on that date, and bill the company. If you cant handle a 3 million dollar order how are you going to handle a 10-20 million dollar order.

    Also, what happened to manufacturing 200 units a month, the goal discussed last quarter. Not it seems like the goal is 100 units a month and there are some problems. This company cant even make enough units to get out of debt.

    What is our inventory?

    There is no order in the near future that will get this company out of debt. Another year of losses and interest building will put severe stress on the company. Future revenues of 17-24 million with a caveat we get TSA passenger screening approval, "based on past experience with the TSA will not happen in time to bid on the contracts in "march -april".

    This company needs to be showing exponential growth to handle the terrible debt situation, negative growth not going to work, I dont even think doubling revenues year over year is going to cut it.

    Hire a consultant now and plan to sell company once TSA passenger screening approval happens, if it ever does.

    This is what my shares in the company vote for.

    If the company has so much confidence, put your money where your mouth is. Buy millions of shares and lets see the filings. I am risking my money, time you do the same.

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    • They need to sell the entire company to a company that can manage the sales, and has the write management to execute. Great post! IMSC = vaporware. And the Intellectual property is probably junk as well. no one wants to buy this POS

    • Been holding only 10k shares for over two years now...getting tired of the same ole CC's
      I concur, sell the co to someone who can get things going, obviously Glenn isn't getting things done...broken record here for the last two years...was hoping for good things but its been a disappointment to this point

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Nice try shills. A look at your posts is all that one needs to know that you have zero invested and you have no knowledge of the company. The stock will magically recover after your stooge bosses have tried to shake shares from weak hands. However thank you tor the cheap shares. Going up already.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • disconnected6060842 disconnected6060842 Nov 15, 2013 10:11 AM Flag

      Is there really a $5-million order backlog? Glenn has a habit of using the word backlog to describe what they like to call "pipeline opportunity."

      From Q4 call, a similar statement from Glenn:

      "We are pleased to report that as of today we have sold a total of over 100 B220 systems. You want to talk about difference from last year, our backlog today is greater than our entire FY 2012 revenue. We consider that first 100 only the beginning, many of you have heard us speak about catalyst for our business, these are key achievements that will enable us to grow faster."

      Jones correcting him near the end of the Q4 call:

      Darryl Jones
      Okay, I’ve also said – I remember you say Glenn we have backlog that exceeds fiscal year 2012 right now.

      Unidentified Analyst
      Right, I thought you mentioned before you sold the 100 and you have a backlog of roughly 200 QS-B220.

      Darryl Jones
      No that’s not backlog that’s pipeline opportunity.

      • 2 Replies to disconnected6060842
      • disconnect-- if YOU want to know the difference between PIPELINE OPPS and BACKLOG, call Glenn. That should help your simple mind figure it out. But buy a share first, then you can honestly say: I OWN A SHARE AND I CAN'T FIGURE OUT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PIPELINE OPPORTUNITIES AND ORDERS WITH DEPOSITS, OOPS, I MEAN BACKLOG.

        Then check your pants for a warm yellow spot.


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Thanks for this post, I don't remember that exact conversation. This a mess. I am now guessing we have NO backlog of orders and are in talks or see opportunity to get a possible 5 million worth of orders. Please put someone on the conference who can clearly explain the situation, Glenn sounded foolish with the fidelity caller. I still don't understand what Glenn was talking about with the 100 million quote.

        I am sure all of this clarity is going to get a lot more institutional investors excited about the stock.

    • I've only held about a year and I believe the company's intellectual property portfolio is very strong and, on the whole, the business is set up for long-term growth. But your assessment is dead on when it comes to getting current shareholders the maximum value. They will never grow enough, quickly enough, in order to provide a return to stockholders equivalent to what would be received by selling now. The future will be good, over time, for the business, for the lender and for Glenn and the management team (they have, after all, granted themselves options for 17% of the equity of the company). Current stockholders will only be further and further diluted as more debt is issued.

      • 2 Replies to fungowi
      • fungowi---deciding what the company is worth is always a tough guessing game...but one thing you can predict, when IMSC gains TSA QPL listing, it is worth MUCH more than today.

        Now, if you believe that IMSC will capture 33% share of a 2- 3 year 300M$ market, that pegs them to at least 33M / yr...with breakeven at 20M Yr. But if that term is 2 years, that pegs them to 50M$/yr.

        And if a competitor is REMOVED from competition, either by gov. mandate or the courts or it closes a division, well you have two companies taking home 150M each over 2 years.

        But lets say you have a product that has a huge advantage over the OTHER approved product that shares the 300M$ market with you...obviously you are golden.

        So there you have it, risk vs reward. I am betting that IMSC captures MORE than 33% of that 300M$ ETD market and that they do it sooner than later. Yes, we have to acknowledge that debt/pay back of debt is our cross to bear...currently we are at 59M shares, but I think we all know that fully diluted we will be at 110M shares...and currently we are at 12M$/yr in revs...but when we are at 50M$ plus, we have dug out of the "snow"...which we will sell to an eskimo. Had to throw that in.


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • same for NAVB same BS story sales terrible

    • Hum14: The VOICE OF REASON !!! Outstanding assessment... Thanks for the comments... Maybe your words will be the WAKE UP CALL this company NEEDS TO HEAR !!!

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