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  • spottedowl2sidesandabiscuit spottedowl2sidesandabiscuit Mar 15, 2014 1:00 PM Flag

    let's talk about that lost jet


    1. It blew up and there are no pieces left. Suspect the cargo.
    2. Someone hacked the navigation, disabled the box and took it to an undisclosed location. Everyone alive, possibly, and being held. NK? maybe? PRC needs to take that fat fool out.

    Why has no one discussed tracking phones? EVERYONE has a phone. Most are gps enabled. Where did they track to?

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    • Whomever planned this did so to great detail and professionalism. The other angle is when they took the plane above it's certified altitude to 45,000 feet, they decompressed the cabin so all died except those in the Cockpit which was operating on its own system. Then they landed the plane somewhere, refueled and took it somewhere else outside the current search area. So much time has passed anything is possible. I hope that is not what happened or who knows what could happen next. In any case, we need IMSC solutions in every airport in the World ASAP and the TSA and others know it.

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    • This is IMHO:

      1. It didn't blow up, otherwise it would have been found already;
      2. I also think that if anyone had tried to call out, we would know by now.

      I think that the plane was hijacked, the navigation was sabotaged, and subsequently went down in a remote place due to pilot and/or navigation error. But to quote Peter Lorre's line in Casablanca: "What right do I have to think?"

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    • Alien abduction? They went through a time warp?

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