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  • rrb1981 rrb1981 Jan 7, 2013 6:54 PM Flag

    Quicksilver Deal

    Seems pretty likely that ARP is working with KWK to take a partial interest in KWK's Barnett ops.

    KWK likely will abandon their plan to launch their own MLP.

    Still optimistic that ARP is also working on landing PXD's Barnett combo acreage. Atlas has a strong history of dealing with Pioneer, primarily on the APL side, where they have shared owneship in the Midkiff-Benedum plant and also one other plant, whose name escapes me.

    Not a lock, but Pioneer's acreage position isn't large enough to attract the it seems likely that a PE firm or an E&P MLP would be the likely buyers. Given the low PDP, it might fit ARP better than some of the other E&P MLPs..though the PE firms would be ideal candidates too.

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    • I don't know. From my limited knowledge, asking prices swung up a lot when NG started its climb back above 3 towards 3.50. Usually it will take more time for those asking prices to go back down.

      I hope there are no "stretch" acquisitions. If it isn't cheap and immediately accretive then they should walk away. There are enough E&P firms in the position of needing capital that a good deal will come to them if they are patient. All just IMO of course.

      I'd like to see an Artic blast settle over North America for a month!

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      • I guess we will see.

        It looks like they raised $125 million in the latest partnership drilling program. Less than the $250 million they hoped for, however, the quantity may have been a function of the end of the year causing them to close it. They projected $150 million in 2013 raises.

        Also looks like they locked in more hedges for '13.

        Also very surprised to see such an aggressive drilling program. $175 million, which, as they mentioned, included $26 million for maintenance capex...meaning $150 million for growth. I'm guessing most of this will go towards the Barnett Shale Combo area (Marble Falls).

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