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  • antibody antibody Jan 23, 1998 4:58 PM Flag

    Stock Rebound

    Words from the janitorial staff (the best snoops and the most accurate sources) says Chiron will beat earning estimates for this quarter. In addition, Chiron has over $300 million cash banked away. The short-term return from the cash will boost Chiron's earnings further.

    All aboard, the ship's going to take off. Zoom, zoom.

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    • Everytime I see these unrelated spam-hype posts,
      I assume (and usually correctly) that these stocks
      are in a declining pattern and that some poor soul on
      margin is going out on his own "roadshow" to pimp the
      stock. Desperate situations oftentimes breed desperate

    • Hambrecht & Qwist say PCYC (3rd phase cancer trials) will be $l80 by year 200l (now $23). Piper Jaffray says $38 near term. Go check it out.

    • this past week comment after comment spoke to

      the decline of the shares....then a block or two
      one notice.facts as i see them:
      Lance is the right
      man for the job
      cancer program to bear fruit prior
      to yr end as il-2 cont to grow.
      betaseron will
      begin to pick up hopefully with new indications
      sales increase as new mkts are entered and more
      are brought on line
      diag deal before yr end
      and would expect chiron to partner with
      more late
      stage programs
      without myo the ship is starting to
      sail and once it gathers steam
      it will be a nice
      ride again.

    • to all Chiron and we might have something here again!

      Got any inflammatory gossip about the Niners to get things started?!?!

    • Ahh glad to see the Grab Bag back on-line!!

    • Give me a C....."C", Give me a H........."H",
      Give me an I....."I", Give me a R......"R", Give me an
      O......"O", Give me an N........."N". What do we
      got......."CHIRON, CHIRON, YEA CHIRON. ............Nah, it doesn't
      work! The stock is still in the crapper and this
      communion with the dullards leaves me cold. I think that I
      will take drive along the coast in my low-priced Lexus
      and try to forget this stock.

    • A positive voice for Chiron is a positive voice
      for Chiron.
      Period. What with all the pessimitic
      goings-on from disgruntled employees on the board and the
      languishing stock price, any thing positive should be
      applauded, not derided.
      A snooty attitude does nothing
      but make people want to hock up big fat chunky green
      and brown loogeys all over your over-priced car.


    • ..and on the other hand, Forbes has an insight in the June 1st issue page 158. Gives a good history of Chiron.

    • "Go get them, Chiron people". I guess you were a
      cheerleader in High School, huh? If cheers would work, I'd
      cheer too. However, that sophomoric nonsense adds
      nothing to the board other than to show that lowbrows are
      investing in CHIR. My thought is for you to try a more
      professional salutory comment.

    • >>The 12-month target price is $21.00 per

      Seems like it was $21 just a couple of
      months ago. It's hard being a Chiron bull. Maybe the big
      pow-wow at the Silverado Country Club in Napa next week
      can bring in some more institutional investors. Go
      get them, Chiron people!


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