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  • stevobama stevobama Jul 22, 2010 6:07 PM Flag

    Interesting post on the NWMT board

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    • Not surprising! I’m waiting to see what new bizarre storyline PV comes out with next.

    • StevO, do you blindly believe everything you read, or just the bs that supports your angst filled hate of Phil? I read the post and it sounded like bs to me, because CCTR reports 10-Q's & 10-K's, and they growing the business with 101% revenue gains and 487% earnings gains, also Phil is a West Point grad who served his country with honor, have you?

    • <<I've never claim to know all, but I do have 10 years of history of PV.>>

      Yikes, ten years, some might think thats an obsession.

      <<Drive by a public company that does IT Serving in the multi-million dollar revenue range. It takes a large operation to handle IT services. There are meeting rooms, labs, sales people, accounting, marketing, assistants, and general staff for implementation. Look at the parking lot and look at the facilities of the Dallas office.>>

      CCTR does most of its business in China, the Dallas office is just their World HQ's.

      <<Please tell me if still believe. You can go by a $20 million dollar operation and they will have multiple people in their accounting department. PV had issues with his last 2 auditors. The current one works from home with no other employees. Seems to be very unlikely that he is pulling all this off with almost no employees.>>

      I can only report what I read on CCTR's financial sheets, and it states they employee 227 people world wide, and grew revenues 101%, and grew earnings by 487% this past quarter compared a year ago's 1st quarter.

      <<I'm trying to keep money in your pocket.>>

      Thats nonsense! I don't even know you, and it makes you sound like a NY shister, when you say stuff like that.

    • chitowndale Jul 26, 2010 1:43 PM Flag

      Why do you bother arguing with SteveO?
      It is a waste of time. It is obvious that he is FOS.

      I worked for an IT company for almost 12 years. When I started with them they had less than 227 people in the company. Their Chicago office was the largest of their 6 regional offices and we had about a dozen people, a V/P of Sales, 3 Salesmen, 4 Techs and 4 office personnel.
      Home office on Long Island was about 100 people including the NE Region Sales and Tech Staff. We had about 1/2 dozen mainframe software products to sell and support.
      Being that we dealt in mainframe software, even though it started as a 4 man company in 1876 by 1977 it sold $5 million of its first software product. That was a SORT program. The reason it sold so many was the product was already established by its Swiss developers and the software division was purchased by its American Company founder who was the Swiss company's top salesman.

      I began with them late the year they went public, 1981.
      Their IPO proceeds were about $3.2 million from their stock offering.
      So I was working for them the same year they were created with only ONE software product. Within 7 years, it grew from one product to over 200 software products. That same year, Microsoft only had 26 products and Lotus only 15 products. They were larger than Microsoft, had sales of $628.8 million and had over 4,500 employees.
      By 1989, my 8th year there, they broke $1 billion in sales. When I left at the end of 1993, they had sales of over $1.5 billion, had built their own headquarters building in Islandia LI NY, had over 7,000 employees and almost 500 software products.

      Today they have 13,200 employees, a huge lab (they didn't have a software development lab unit 2005, 29 years after they were created and had about 1,200 software products to sell), sales of $4.343 billion and a value of over $12 billion.

      So you can see that SteveO doesn't know his a$$ from a rock when it comes the staffing of IT service companies while I have been in IT for 42 years now and participated in the growing of a company from $5 million in sales to its growth to the largest independent software company in the world.

    • Chitown, so what you are saying is that you were in IT (42 years) back when IBM punch cards (with holes in them) were the norm. Ok, if you want to compare those days to now and your Ceo to PV but cctr is pushing old legacy techniques and equipment, not anything new. Since you believe in PV abilities my guess is you’ll soon invest in his plan to expand into condom manufacturing. I wonder what he’ll call them?


    • chitowndale Jul 26, 2010 4:26 PM Flag

      Pull your head out of your derrière already.

      Yes, I started when a 4K computer was bigger than a VW. When a 2 Meg hard drive was as big as an auto tire. Now I have a portable drive that holds as much as 320,000 of those original hard drives would hold. I also had the first "laptops" that were bigger than a suitcase, had a screen smaller than a portable DVD player and the only color was the Green of the characters on the screen. Memory was 640,000 bytes and the only drive was a floppy. But I also was a True Relational Database expert in the 1980's that flew around the country teaching Relational DB language (NOT SQL which is a joke for morons - true definition of an oxymoronic phrase "Structured Query Language" to be considered the standard for a Relation Language... they are the opposite of each other since Relational DB's are NOT Structured, but free form in nature. It is as big a tragedy as the adoption of VHS over Beta-max as a video taping standard. VHS hasn't the fraction of Beta's capabilities for accurate rendition of motion recording.).

      I've forgotten more than you will ever know about computers.

      As to PV, I think he is a moron. But even morons can make money for ME.

      I don't "believe" in PV, nor do I think he will even come close to 100th of what the company I worked for did because he isn't smart enough.

      In fact, once CCTR rises prior to their earnings report I will dump all of my shares and walk away and look for a better investment.

      The main thing I have learned is you don't have to like a person or his corporate goals to make money.
      It only requires buying and then selling at the right times because the more erratic company's stock price is the more opportunities you have to make money.

    • I worked for 3 different IT servicing/ development companies. The first company did $50 million in sales. We had two large buildings. We had labs, sales rooms, marketing offices, assistants, IT call center, IT implementation, etc. You can't do this with no employees. I have yet to see any proof that they have employees.

      I can promise you there is red flags coming out of this operation. If you choose to believe, that is fine.

    • <<If you choose to believe, that is fine.>>

      Thanks, I wasn't going to buy anymore until I got your blessing.

    • buy all you want. Just know you will be another victim :)

    • <<buy all you want. Just know you will be another victim :)>>

      StevO, talking about buying all you want, if you buy 1m shares at $0.0072, it'll cost ya $7,200, not including the negligible broker fee. So have you ever owned 1m shares in any company? If not, this is your chance.

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