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  • rockyraccola rockyraccola Jan 24, 2011 2:46 PM Flag



    This seems pretty obvious to anyone that has followed the correlation between the misleading and fraudulent press releases and the issuance of new shares to dilute the total number outstanding.

    Little upward price spikes are unsustainable when you don't have a real company. The entire CCTR business only trades upward on fraudulent press releases. Unfortunately the whole series of companies associated with Verges smells like scam!

    It looks like NWMT, NLAI, NUBL, CCTR, NVAE and possibly WSGF are all part of the shell company scams with Philip Verges.

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    • Greenfield is code name for massive fraud with a bunch of PV shells.

    • Back on top!

    • I agree, what real investor would hold yahoo as the "ultimate" due diligence tool? Every normal person would know that yahoo, like any other of these online news sites, just post what's presented to them and they do not verify anything. (Hence their disclaimers about the "accuracy" of the information).

      Just think, we could start a company called "Steve and Fred's Dog Grooming Centers International," set-up 10 different LLC's in the US and several countries, then create master franchise orders from "secret business people" where the "revenues" are booked through the various LLC's, go to international summit meetings, and talk about how we're going to "change the world" by creating pet grooming franchisees all over the globe.

      The next thing you know, we've got photo ops with international dictators and booking $160 million in revenues while we simultaneously sell 2 billion shares on the market. It could work, we could make millions! LMAO!

    • I'm starting to believe Craig is related to PV. He is either really naive and gullible or part of the PV clan.

    • This is true - Verges is a total fraud!

    • February 9, 2011, Stock Prices - NewMarket Technology Companies

      NWMT $0.009
      CCTR $0.0012
      NVAE $0.026
      NUBL $0.0005
      WSGF $0.01
      NLAI $0.0003

    • Exactly Steveo, that's why this "walRAT" alias of Verges is so focused on using Yahoo as some "due diligence" strategy that avoids real investigations of a company's operations and earnings.

      Scumbag Verges is desperate to "pump up" the sagging stock price if this latest scam shell company. It's so obvious, it's funny!

    • This is all factual. Philip Verges is a known fraud that pretends to be running a company, but this sociopath really just creates phony press releases, fraudulent financial statements and numerous aliases to post on yahoo stock message boards.

      It's interesting to note that this sociopath Verges is very fond of the word "Greenfield" as it relates to his numerous fraudulent operations. This could be from some childhood association of being molested in a "green field" or some other childhood trauma related to this term. This would also explain his penchant for fraud and thievery as he must feel that his innocence was "stolen" by some elder in his incestuous family tree.

      This sociopathic fraud is only capable of stealing from others. Do not buy into any of the scam shell companies associated with this thief or will definitely lose your money! The fraudulent scam companies are: NVAE, NUBL, NWMT, CCTR, and NLA, just to name a few.

      It's best not to feel pity for him, but keep your distance from any of his fraudulent games.

    • "GREENFIELD" = FRAUD, empty shells and trashes.

    • Here's how the whole Verges' SCAM works:

      CON ARTIST Philip Verges runs these SCAM shell companies by setting-up very large "orders" between the "Greenfield" SCAM companies to make it look like they are "booking" revenues. Some of the "Greenfield" companies that are traded include: NUBL, NLAI, NVAE, NWMT and CCTR.

      Only there's a BIG PROBLEM with the revenue recognition - NO product is ever delivered, but "consulting service revenues" are harder to track as they are "fuzzy." This is why the SCUMBAG Verges likes to use the "consulting" angle - to more easily pad the books with service revenue that harder to document. This is the same as "kiting checks" where there's NO MONEY in the accounts!

      It's really quite an elaborate SCAM and it's also the reason there's no competent outside auditor, just a bribed, crooked auditor whose only "job" is to "cook the books" (from home) and make it look like there's "$100 million" of "revenues".

      This is the reason SCUMBAG Verges needs to keep diluting the stock - there's NO REAL source of REVENUES except to keep selling dilutive shares to the unsuspecting public. Hence the increase in shares from 100 million to 3 BILLION in less than 3 years!

      The reason this SCUMBAG has been able to get away with this for so long is he's using the maxim from PT Barnum... "there's a sucker born every minute..."

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