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  • lieslizz lieslizz Jan 27, 2011 2:49 PM Flag

    Fact: Verges is a Fraudster and must be in Jail

    reprinted from the NWMT Board, but all the Verges companies are run from the same mail-drop office in Dallas, so the post applies to all CCTR Investors, too]


    Just few weeks ago, I had the chance to travel to Dallas and some other cities of the Great State of Texas. Well, to be short and to the point, my wife and I decided to visit the headquarters of Newmarket Technologies, China Crescent Enterprises, and all the bunch of companies that share the same address. First of all, when I introduced the address (14860 Montfort Drive, Suite 210, Dallas TX 75254) into the GPS device, the first answer was a negative "address not found". After reviewing the address in a PC, I got Addison as the correct place (the town belongs to Dallas county) and is not that far from The Galleria Mall. Anyway, I drove until we reached a two-story business complex, with 200 or more companies registered there. In the main panel at the entrance, I found no names of any of Verges's companies. I parked my car and enter the building, walking to the 210 suite. This is a 800 sqf or so, with no more than four or five people working there. I asked for Mr. Bruce Noller (CEO), and he was not there at that time. The assistant, named Karin Gil, is a pretty Latina, that was very harsh with me, especially when I asked about the 600 people that work there, supposedly. "Mr. Verges is traveling, and he is very busy, so I can assure nothing at this time" was her answer when I ask for an appointment. And that was it.

    Well, my conclusion is simple. The company is just a facade to get money from the OTC investors. There is no way to know whether or not they have some real business either in Latinamerica or in China or elsewhere. After the trip, my feeling was a mixture of anger and relief. On one hand, I sold all my stock when it was still above one (1) penny. I probably lost 10K or so. Well, greed does not pay. But also I felt a bitter anger against Verges because of all the pain and damage that he is causing to people that still believes in NWMT of CCTR. These two companies just work to make Verges and his gang richer. And, finally, I beg that some day, the SEC and the Texas State prosecutor will put Verges in jail.

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