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  • watchnxra watchnxra Jun 14, 1999 9:03 PM Flag

    Where does NXRA go?

    Read WSJ article about NXRA IPO several weeks
    ago. Very
    unsuccessful IPO. Now, two coverages are
    on this dog. I like
    to watch the action of NXRA
    in next 6 - 12 month. $4-$5 is my
    target. if I
    cannot get it in this range, so what, just forget

    it. Any thought welcome. The ex-nxra-employee, what
    do you
    know about this business? Who are the NXRA
    competitors? TIA.

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    • and there's resistance to go below that level. If this is the case, it's a step up from the previous low of 6 1/2 (not much of a step up, but a step up nevertheless).

    • Or should I say lost less? 8D

      I'm in at
      10, so I was definitely unhappy to see the price fall
      to 7 again. However, I'm still bullish on this stock
      in the long run. I think the price will go up, but
      it's going to take quite some time. I'm hoping its
      above 10 by December.

    • NXRA did not rebound very well with the market
      Can anyone make a prediction for a very near the
      "the former junk bond king Michael Milken" is
      prof. con. It
      looks like that the Street doesn't
      trust him too much.
      With Lawrence Ellison's money,
      however, he may come up with
      something. Ex. investing
      in Hoover's Inc. Waht about his

      Still watching...

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      • I really would not have expected Nextera to
        rebound today like several other tech/'net stocks did
        (i.e. Yahoo, Amazon, AOL, etc.). It's not in the same
        industry, and the price was not drastically beaten down in
        the previous days like the others had been.

      • involvement in Nextera.

        I do know that
        Nextera has gotten some brokerage coverage recently, and
        the recommendations were Moderate Buy and Strong Buy.
        Also, the price hasn't dipped below 7 for awhile. I'm
        hopeful that 6 1/2 is as low as it will ever

        Yes, I'll concede that I'm not thrilled with its
        current price (again, I bought at 10), but we should
        remember that the stock has only been trading for about 1

        There wasn't any news regarding Nextera after its IPO,
        so I'm also hopeful that now that it's being covered
        and that there's some news on it, it will start to
        climb. Maybe we'll be back at 10 by December. In fact,
        if I had some extra cash on hand, I'd go ahead and
        buy another 100 shares while the price is down.